Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press on (Philippians 3:13-14)



Special Delivery! You are not lost sheep! 

PREP teachers are delivering bags of materials to your children this summer!  The bags include important documents typically distributed in September: 

  • Outdoor PREP retreat flyer (Patapsco State Park) 
  • PREP information packet
  • Calendar for 2020-2021 (tentative)  
  • Directory (tentative, based on 2019) 


Family Outdoor
PREP Retreat!

Option to camp overnight
as individual families

“For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you
shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands
(Isaiah 55:12

5 Cabins reserved & paid through Sherri  (max of 6, optional tent can be added outside cabin – 1 or 2 families)
3 tent sites reserved & paid through Sherri (max of 6 occupants)
More tent sites available 

Our Program:

The focus and commitment of PREP is to impart, in collaboration with all our parents, the Catholic faith to our young people, from kindergarten through Confirmation. Our program prepares children cognitively, spiritually and experientially throughout grade school and middle school, and includes sacramental preparation for Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation. Our children, coming primarily from non-parochial schools, benefit from weekly catechesis. Our children live their faith meaningfully and joyfully by participating in social service and a communal life and ministries here at St. Ignatius! A detailed PREP Information packet, calendar, and list of events is available by email or hard copy by contacting Sherri Currie.

2020-2021 Plan – Put your hand to the plow! 

Father Casciotti, PREP teachers, and the Coordinator of PREP collaborated.  In addition, the Coordinator of Missionary Discipleship at the Archdiocese, along with 25 Directors of Religious Ed, shared ideas that were reviewed.  We are all taking next steps to assure instruction, keeping a flexible mind-set.     

We will begin classes September 20th remotely, with a hopeful and tentative schedule to meet for face-to-face classes in January, with approximately 50% of enrollment (25-30 children) rotating in church bi-weekly.  Should we be able teach in person in January, we would utilize some larger and different spaces.  A detailed PREP calendar is available by email or hard copy by contacting Sherri Currie.  Calendars are being delivered to families in July.   

PREP classes are generally on Sundays, preceding 10:30 Mass.  With Mass currently at 9:00 am during COVId, this year’s class times will vary.  They can follow Mass, and allow time for those attending Mass to return home.  Teachers are encouraged to work with their own schedules and families to establish a virtual time for class, considering that families may have multiple children needing computer use.   

We can only move forward with the commitment of families registering their children (see below).  April registrations were extended.  Please help us finalize classes by registering by the first week of August.   The registration fee is $75.00 per child.   

Payment for PREP should be made immediately upon registration, by using our online Faith Direct payment option, or Venmo.  To make a FaithDirect payment simply click here. Please send an image of the payment to Sherri, via email. If you cannot make your payment online, please send a check made out to St. Ignatius Church, to 110 E. Madison St., Baltimore MD, attention: Sherri Currie. Note that it is for PREP.  

PREP Staff & Curriculum

Catechesis is led by our gracious volunteer teachers, parents and parishioners. They come from many walks of life that show deep devotion to God’s children. Teachers lead lessons based on the Gospel and Archdiocesan catechesis materials, and use their personal creativity and spirituality to enhance lessons! They are trained in child-safety, through the Archdiocese.

  • Coordinator: Sherri Currie, Baltimore County Public Schools Teacher
  • K-1st: Jessica Mirano, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Monitoring Officer
  • 2nd: Ted Engelke, Diageo North America Regional Director
  • 2nd: Katherine Engelke, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Physical Therapist
  • 3rd: Kelly Powers, Howard County Public Schools, Grant Manager
  • 4th-5th: Liz Stephens-Kalmar, Washington Hospital Ctr., Certified Nurse Midwife
  • 4th-5th: John Springer, PNC Bank, Business Banker
  • 6th-7th: Amy Petkovsek, Maryland Legal Aid, Director of Advocacy
  • Confirmation: Dennis Bahr, Baltimore County Public Schools, recently retired teacher

Pflaum Gospel Weeklies ( are used by most grades. Pamphlets are received in bundles covering a few months. I anticipate families needing to arrange the pick up these materials at 3 intervals. The editions begin Sunday, September 20th. PREP can also distribute at the October 24th Outdoor retreat. Parents are asked to visit the website weekly for the gospel and materials. Go to Parents, to Readings for Mass, then choose the Sunday that corresponds. There you will see a child’s version of the gospel.

Loyola Press, a Jesuit Ministry ( workbooks are being sent home to all grade levels. Your teacher will guide you through chosen lessons. There are wonderful online interactive activities. Go to, to Faith Formation, to Family Resources. Select the appropriate grade level for the units, games and interactive reviews.

*Benziger Family Life series is typically distributed for home instruction. This series includes information on family relationships, communication, and safety, which is part of the Archdiocese Safe Environment and Child Abuse Prevention Education. Because we are beginning the year remotely, and we are awaiting more registrations, new orders for this are on hold. It has been recorded which students received copies that we had on hand.

Child and Youth Protection Policy:

All volunteers 14 and over having regular contact with children must complete online training to ensure the safety of our children. Teachers and volunteers, please go to and follow the links: About Us, Child and Youth Protection, then A copy of the training certificate must be given to the coordinator, Sherri Currie, before service begins in September. Thank you.

For questions or volunteer opportunities, please email [email protected], or phone the parish office at 410-727-3848 or Sherri Currie at 410-719-7559.


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