Parish Registration Form

As a Jesuit parish, we believe we are called to explore, discover, respect, protect, and enhance whatever is humane and graced in every person, and in every culture.

We believe that diversity shared with love and respect enriches all of us and makes us more compassionate and creative. We seek to walk with others and to invite them to walk with us.

We encourage people to reflect on their experiences and to discern God’s presence in their lives. Our desire is to nurture lay leadership as well as personal faith, a “faith that does justice,” by way of solidarity with the poor and dedication to the greater good.

We believe that working hard to cooperate with and share God’s generosity and compassion is one of the privileges of being human—and that what we owe to God, to creation, to one another is gratitude, humility, reverence, and service.

We are delighted if our vision of ourselves as a Catholic community inspires you to join us and walk with us. You are choosing to move from being an always-welcome visitor to becoming an active member.

As an active member, you are called to support the parish with your frequent presence, financial commitment, and willingness to serve, accompany, and advocate for the poor and for those who are pushed to the margins in our society. Again, welcome!

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