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William Paznekas
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Meeting Times

Saint Ignatius Reading and Discussion Group will meet in the Church office on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Mission Statement of the Saint Ignatius Reading and Discussion Group

This group seeks to promote the reading and thoughtful discussion of a varied selection of books and topics in order to expand our knowledge and stimulate reflection. We hope to increase our vision and see through the eyes of others through thoughtful, well prepared, civil discussions of selected books. Meetings open with a prayer/reflection in tune with the book under discussion or with timely, felt needs within the greater community be it parish, diocese, nation or world.

Upcoming Books: (meetings will occur online via Zoom as necessary)

May 12

The Human Factor by Graham Greene (368 pg), discussion facilitator – Wm. Paznekas
Greene wrote that his aim with this book was “to write a novel of espionage free from the conventional violence, which has not, in spite of James Bond, been a feature of the British Secret Service. I wanted to present the Service unromantically as a way of life, men going daily to their office to earn their pensions.”  Greene also explored the hypocrisy of the West’s relations with South Africa under apartheid. He thought that even though the West publicly opposed apartheid, “they simply could not let South Africa succumb to black power and Communism.”

June 9
Silence by Shusaku Endo (291 pg), discussion facilitator – Patti Vining
An intense – rather grim – epistolary novel written mostly from the vantage point of a Jesuit priest, a missionary to Japan, early in the 17th century during a time of suppression of Christianity. The events are based on historical facts and the characters on actual people.

For a list of this year’s book readings, click here.

Meetings take place on the second Tuesday of the month at the parish office. Doors open 6:30 pm, discussion 7-8:30 pm.