Minutes of the St. Ignatius Pastoral Council

7:00 PM — June 1, 2020 

Virtual Meeting via ZOOM

Present: Father Casciotti, Ted Engelke, Ryan Bixler, Joe Hillery, Vonetta Edwards, Len Heckwolf, Barbara Lazatti, Barbare Ipsaro, Kate Walsh, and Andrew Lacovara 

I. Opening Prayer

–      Vonetta opened with prayer.

II. Acceptance of the Minutes from the May 2020 Meeting     

  • The Minutes from the May 2020 meeting were accepted.     

III. Pastors Report 

  • The corridor when you come into the entrance is almost complete. The elevator has not started yet.
  • Father Jim is getting the church ready for reopening. There will be ushers that volunteered to help with social distancing.
  • There was a discussion on how to administer the Eucharist safely.
  • There was a lot of discussion about how many people will actually come back and attend once we can go back to church. There was additional concern if someone at mass later tests positive for COVID-19. It was suggested that we post the CDC guidelines either on the evite we send out or the church website.                                                                                                            

IV. Old Business 

  1. Meet Your Pastoral Council Update
  • The bios have been going well and are being posted weekly to the ezine.

B. Casserole Update

  • There has been excellent participation with the casseroles program. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.
  • As a long term plan to continue the program we are buying a freezer so people can bring the casseroles to church when we go back.

V. New Business

  1. Online engagement survey
  • Very positive responses to this recent survey.
  • Web based services have been very high in attendance and liked by many who responded.
  • Father Jim will talk to John Odean about increasing our seach engine optimization and have St. Ignatius appear higher on a Google search.
  1. George Floyd Response and Zoom Meeting.
  • We are planning to do a Zoom meeting in a “town hall” format that will be faciliated. The meeting allows for an outlet of discussion beyond the homily in mass. Questions can be submitted beforehand.
  • Father Jim is going to talk to Bishop Madden about doing a memorial service. 
  • The Council discussed how we can continue to have ongoing discussion within our church about racial bias and not wait for a another police brutality event to occur to have the discussion.
  1. Other
  • N/A 

VI. Grab Bag 

  • N/A

VII. Closing Prayer 

  • Barbara closed with prayer.

VIII. Adjourn – Next Meeting July 13, 2020 at 7 PM