Immigration Subcommittee

Our Mission

The Immigration Subcommittee was formed by parishioners concerned about the injustices faced by immigrant, refugee and asylee families and individuals. Today’s immigrants leave their home countries because of intense violence, lack of opportunity, economic or legal injustices and persecution due to religion, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation. We feel called by the Gospel and guided by Catholic Social Teaching to welcome the stranger by seeing in the immigrant the face of Christ. America is a country built by immigrants, most of us need to look back only one or two generations to discover our own immigrant ancestors.

The goals of the Immigration Subcommittee are to assist parishioners to:

  • Learn about immigration and the Church’s position on the issue through reading, research, and discussion
  • Organize activities to raise awareness of issues facing immigrants
  • Identify ways to serve immigrant children and adults in Baltimore in collaboration with local organizations who support them
  • Advocate on behalf of immigrants for legislative change by engaging elected officials through petitions, lobbying, and outreach
  • Care for the spiritual well-being of immigrant children and adults through prayer, vigils, and other spiritual ministries.

Justice & Peace Meetings

The Justice & Peace Committee generally meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6 PM.


Vonetta Edwards
Subcommittee Chair

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Upcoming Events

Current Projects

Immigrants and Refugees – Discussion and Prayer

The Immigration subcommittee of the Justice & Peace Committee consists of a passionate cohort of parishioners and volunteers compelled to answer Pope Francis’ call to encounter and walk with migrants and refugees in support and solidarity. The Immigration...

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How to Help Afghan Refugees

The decision to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan has raised concerns about the human rights and safety of women and girls, as well as the safe migration of Afghan allies out of the country.The consequences of the withdrawal have hit close to our St. Ignatius...

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Crisis Response: Afghanistan and Haiti

Amidst the conflict and crisis in Afghanistan, JRS/USA has launched an advocacy effort calling on all world governments to provide welcome and protection for Afghan refugees.  You can see JRS/USA’s statement to the Biden Administration and Congress to ensure that...

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Family Mentoring

Details, facts, and articles regarding our Family Mentoring Program. 

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Action Alert

Here are a few things you can do right now that will make a difference.

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Articles, Facts, Fiction

A collection of articles including immigration myths & human rights facts.

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A list of external partners and references committed to immigration needs.

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Media Watch

Press Release From the Justice & Peace Committee

Press Release From the Justice & Peace Committee

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, November 1, 2021 CONTACT: Candra Healy | St. Ignatius Justice and Peace Committee Chair ( – – – – – – MEET YOUR CANDIDATES FOR MARYLAND GOVERNOR Justice and Peace Committee of St. Ignatius...

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Sign Your Name to Protect the Vulnerable

Sign Your Name to Protect the Vulnerable

Welcoming the stranger and protecting the vulnerable in our midst is the hallmark of our religious traditions. These theological commitments are indispensable. They lay the foundation for treating all human beings with dignity and respect.

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