Antiracism Task Force


After the horrific June 2020 death of George Floyd, large swaths of Americans – many for the first time – began to recognize and examine their own relationship to racial inequality.

In response, St. Ignatius initiated the Antiracism Awareness Task Force to help facilitate this personal growth through the lens of the Catholic faith and Ignatian spirituality: ultimately seeking to enable parishioners to see antiracism as a way of life, a Saving Grace, and a call to walk the way of the Gospel.

Specifically, in keeping with the Ignatian concept of awareness (wherein you not only obtain a better understanding of yourself through self-reflection, but also recognize the ways in which God is specifically calling you to act) the Antiracism Awareness Task Force’s mission is to help parishioners become aware of white supremacy and privilege, and ultimately move from “not racist” to anti-racist.

While this journey may prove uncomfortable at times, the Task Force aims to frame it within the love and company of Christ – all while being mindful that each of us are never sent on any mission by God without being equipped with everything we need to be successful. We are not an independent group, but an interrelated group of Godbearers working with our many other social justice groups in our church, our community, our country and within our world.

Antiracism Task Force Goals

  • Provide resources to foster the development of parishioner antiracism awareness;
  • Enable communication within the Parish regarding parishioners’ antiracist self-reflections and development; and
  • Facilitate the engagement of “antiracism-aware” parishioners with the litany of antiracist activities and efforts being undertaken throughout the St. Ignatius Catholic Community.


The following are a series of external resources—drawn from Catholic and Jesuit organizations, as well as Catholics outside of St. Ignatius—to help develop your antiracism awareness.

Jesuit Order Antiracism Resources

Jesuit-developed antiracist projects or resources for personal antiracist growth.

Clergy Antiracism Perspectives

Resources for an understanding of Catholic clergy-derived viewpoints and teaching on antiracism.

Laity Antiracism Perspectives

Resources for developing an appreciation of Catholic POC laity perspectives and/or experiences with racism.

Parishioner Antiracism Self-Reflections

The following are a series of antiracist self-reflections that have been shared by St. Ignatius parishioners. You are welcome to read all of them, or hone in on the specific reflections of parishioners whose writings may be more relevant to your particular antiracist awareness development needs. 

Upcoming Events

Get Involved with other ministries

If your self-reflection leads you to feel you are being called to antiracist action, please consider exploring the following formal and informal opportunities to do so within St. Ignatius Antiracism-related St. Ignatius Committees.