Antiracism Task Force

We leverage Catholic social justice teachings and Ignatian spirituality practices to facilitate parishioners’ discernment of how they are being called by God to act in this space – to ultimately transition from “not racist” to antiracist “contemplatives in action” in the process.

The Task Force also performs similar activities against racism-adjacent issues – such as antisemitism, Islamophobia, nativism, and homophobia – to help facilitate parishioner efforts to counter all forms of hate.

Goals of the St. Ignatius Antiracism Awareness Task Force for 2022 include:

  • Consistently provide antiracist events and/or resources to parishioners to support continual discernment, as well as facilitating opportunities for parishioners to act upon their self-reflection;
  • Develop and maintain relationships between St. Ignatius and Black Catholic communities in Baltimore – to include actively and meaningfully supporting Black Catholic-led/focused projects in the city; and
  • Initiate similar activities tailored to increasing parishioner awareness and personal discernment of how to counter other forms of hate – such antisemitism, Islamophobia, nativism, and homophobia.


Kevin and Kendall Burdinski
Ministry Chairs



Next Meeting/Event

Currently, there are no Black American saints. Representation matters!

The Antiracism Task Force fully supports the cause of the Pastorate of Histotic St. Francis Xavier, St. Ann, and St. Wenceslaus’ campaign for the canonization of six African American candidates for sainthood.

You can learn more about their campaign, and sign a petition, with the following resources. If you would like a digital version of the letter to print and physically sign yourself, feel free to reach out to the Task Force for a copy!

Support The Canonization Of The Six African American Candidates for Sainthood!

A petition to Pope Francis seeking the canonization of six African American candidates for sainthood immediately.

These women may become the first African-American Catholic saints

An activist from Baltimore started a letter-writing campaign to Pope Francis in hope that he canonizes the first Black Catholic saints from the US.

Prayer for Beatification of Mother Mary Lange

Almighty and Eternal God, You granted Mother Lange extraordinary trust in Your providence. You endowed her with humility, courage, holiness and an extraordinary sense of service to the poor and the sick. You enabled her to found the Oblate Sisters of Providence and provided educational, social and spiritual ministry, especially to the African American community. Mother Lange’s love for all enabled her to see Christ in each person, and the pain of prejudice and racial hatred never blurred that vision.

Deign to raise her to the highest honors of the altar in order that, through her intercession, more souls may come to a deeper understanding and more fervent love of You.

Heavenly Father, glorify Your heart by also granting this favor (here mention your request), which we ask through the intercession of Your faithful servant, Mother Mary Lange. Amen.


The following are a series of external resources—drawn from Catholic and Jesuit organizations, as well as Catholics outside of St. Ignatius—to help develop your antiracism awareness.

Jesuit Order Antiracism Resources

Jesuit-developed antiracist projects or resources for personal antiracist growth.

Clergy Antiracism Perspectives

Resources for an understanding of Catholic clergy-derived viewpoints and teaching on antiracism.

Laity Antiracism Perspectives

Resources for developing an appreciation of Catholic POC laity perspectives and/or experiences with racism.