Discussion Instructions: Read the Catholic Relief Service Emergency Update on the Global Food Crisis for 2022, and then consider the questions below.


  1. “The increasing interconnectedness of our world calls for a moral response, the virtue of solidarity… A more just world will likely be a more peaceful world, a world less vulnerable to terrorism and other violence. The United States has the responsibility to take the lead
    in addressing the scandal of poverty and underdevelopment… The United States also has a unique opportunity to use its power in partnership with others to build a more just and peaceful world.”
    How do these words from the U.S. Catholic Bishops indicate why they created Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and support CRS’ work to end hunger around the world?
  2. What are some of the causes of food insecurity and hunger around the world today that CRS refers to? What have you read about these issues elsewhere? Why is it so important that people of faith stay informed about global situations? How can you and your faith
    community follow these issues?
  3. What do you consider important in the paragraphs about specific countries as they face extreme hunger? Why do these countries face such extreme hunger issues? How can you share information about famine and the need to remember that Christ said “I was hungry and you fed me. . .What you do to the least of these, you do to me”?
  4. CRS lists the many ways it is working with a range of partners to help those who are hungry in the world; what do the different projects and goals listed tell us about how meaningful change must come about? How can you learn more about such efforts to combat hunger and prevent it in future years? How can you include concern for the hungry in your prayer life and your daily choices?

Faith In Action

JOIN THE MOVEMENT! Our world was created so all people can thrive. Instead, millions of people around the world struggle to survive—afflicted by poverty, hunger, consequences of climate change, and other affronts to their human dignity. Together we can build a
powerful movement to transform the world so all members of our global family can live in dignity and reach their God-given potential. Your and your community’s voices—your prayers—your support—can provide lifesaving assistance and address the root causes of poverty. This is your moment and your movement—are you ready to make a difference? Sign up for stories, campaign information, and ways to pray, learn, and take action to build a more just and peaceful world.

HUNGER: One in 10 people experience hunger worldwide, and the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and conflict are threatening millions more with food insecurity. The war in Ukraine—in addition to creating a new refugee crisis—is causing food shortages and increased prices as its major exports of wheat, corn, and other food supplies remain trapped in the country. And our sisters and brothers who are already vulnerable, including refugees and communities impacted by poverty, will be harmed the most. Urge your members of Congress to increase funding in the fiscal year 2023 budget for programs that help prevent and end global hunger and malnutrition!
Action: support.crs.org/act/budget-hunger

SUPPORT FOR INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS: Ask our legislators to protect funding in the budget for international programs that reduce poverty, keep communities safe, and help families survive and thrive. International humanitarian and development assistance is especially needed now as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and conflict push millions of people into poverty. This lifesaving aid will ensure:
• Those experiencing food insecurity receive food aid,
• Farmers can continue growing food in the face of worsening droughts,
• Long-term solutions are developed to address conflict, hunger, and poverty.
Our FY23 appropriations ask is found here: support.crs.org/act/budget

MINDS ACT: Around the globe, hundreds of millions of people struggle with anxiety, depression and other stress related problems. In emergencies, a lack of food, shelter, and other basic necessities often lead to psychological distress. And for people fleeing violent conflict—like the millions who have fled Ukraine in the recent months—stress
is magnified. More than 1 in 5 people in conflict-affected areas are living with a mental health disorder. Around the world, for those in crisis situations—poverty, hunger, violent conflict—emotional support is a fundamental human need that is too often overlooked. We believe psychological services are essential to the health and protection of all people. The Minds Act ask can be found here: support.crs.org/lead-the-way-minds-act