St. Ignatius Pastoral Council Agenda
7:00 PM — February 15, 2021
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Present: Father Casciotti, Len Heckwolf, Joe Hillery, Andrew Lacovara, Rene DeBrabander, Ted Engelke, Ryan Bixler, Toni Mooore-Duggan, and Kevin Burdinski.

  1. Opening Prayer – Father Casciotti
  • Pastor’s Briefing – Father Casciotti
  • Father Watters is still raising funds for the school.
  • The offices are nearly done.
  • Father Casciotti let us know that the tenants in the row homes will have to find new housing. There are sufficient funds in the poor box to help them find a place if needed.  
  • Prep Information – Ted Engelke
  • Half of the second-grade class is through penance.
  • The entire Prep program is pretty much Zoom based now and still getting more parental participation which is good.
  • The kids will do the stations of the cross starting February 28th. It’s done outside and at a social distance.
  • Thinking right now the fall will hopefully be the first time they can be together in person again.
  • Justice and Peace Information – Joe Hillery
  • Three new participants joined this month. They are also new to the parish.
  • Environmental Justice now has monthly sub-committee meetings.
  • They narrowed down to a couple legislative bills.
  • There is a prayer service in February related to racial justice.
  • The anti-racist awareness task force will be launching a website soon. There will be several resources and information on the site that parish members can access.
  • There will be a Zoom town hall on March 23rd from the anti-racism awareness task force.
  • There is a Catholic Charity workshop that will occur at the next Justice and Peace meeting.
  • Candra and Vonetta agreed to go to Washington in March to meeting with the Maryland legislatures.
  • Loaves and Fishes Information – Len Heckwolf
  • Group was out 2/14/21 and gave out 175 meals. They also gave out a lot of clothes that were gifted to the church.
  • Liz Lacovara has been working hard to get more people to donate meals.
  • People are starting to donate more casseroles into the new freezer. There is still the curbside drop off and drop off in the freezer.
  • Other Business
  • We will have to figure out how to get people back into the Church eventually. The idea of trying to spread out the timing of Zoom and in-person activities in terms of timing came to mind so that people would do both eventually.
  • 9am virtual mass has been getting 1,200-1,500 attendance.
  • Kevin raised the question, has there ever been a history of having Ignatius Spirituality 101 course? The group loved the idea to make this available.
  • Closing Prayer – Len Heckwolf
  • Next meeting is 3/15/2021