The Driver Privacy Act (HB23/SB234) just PASSED in on 3rd reader the Senate with a veto-proof majority. Words can not express how incredible this win is for immigrant families. We got 33 votes in total – all Democrats AND Republican, Senator Chris West. Here are the next steps: 

  • The bill will now move to back to the House. They will need to concur on the Senate version of the bill for the bill to officially pass. It looks like the House is all set and ready to do this smoothly. 
  • We are still expecting the Governor to veto this bill. We are hearing some new information about extending the session/meeting for a special session to deal with veto overrides. Will share more once we know. 
  • The floor session is still live. You can rewind and see the vote here:
  • So much more to come on this!

The work is still not over yet! We can NOT allow Dignity Trust to die in the Senate. JPR did not vote on the bill in this morning’s voting session, but they will have another voting session after the Senate comes off of the floor. 

  •  Please keep the pressure on Chairman Smith and President Ferguson – and take action TODAY!
  • President Bill Ferguson: Phone 410-841-3600 | 301-858-3600
  • Chairman Will Smith: Phone 410-841-3634 | 301-858-3634
  • Send a quick email to your representative AND President Ferguson by filling out this form:
  • JPR will meet again after this floor session but has not announced the timing yet. We are still pushing to get this bill out of JPR today in the evening voting session. 

This bill passed the General Assembly but was vetoed by Governor Hogan. His veto could be overridden during the December Special Session.