by Toni Moore-Duggan, Racial Justice Subcommittee Chair
Justice & Peace Committee

The celebration of Dr. King’s birthday weekend led by the Justice and Peace Committee at St. Ignatius Catholic Community was a rally for justice. Many generous talents from the parish and the community came together to make it successful. From our well attended symposium on Saturday, to our Sunday service at the altar, our call and cry for justice realized was filled with presence, vitality and hope. This level of community celebration gives voice and visibility to live our desires while creating a beloved anti-racist community.

Those who attended the symposium gave voice and presence to our desire for the beauty of diversity, justice, advocacy and equality for all. The forum was filled with music, discussion and personal reflections on the life and work of Dr. King and his follower, John Lewis.

Most moving was the personal reflection of diverse voices who spoke from their hearts about the impact of Dr. King’s dreams on their lives today. Embedded in the closing service was a candle lighting service that verbalized our intention to put our personal dreams into action. Each candle lit became part of a greater flame of emboldened hope.

The celebration ended with the following prayer of Dr. Yolanda Pearce.

God, in your mercy….
Show me my own complicity in injustice.
Convict me for my indifference.
Forgive me when I have remained silent.
Equip me with a zeal for righteousness.
Never let me grow accustomed or acclimated to unrighteousness.

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