By: Anne Lilly

On Sunday, January 12th, the St. Ignatius Justice and Peace Committee hosted nearly 50 prospective voter registration volunteers in Ignatian Hall. Two experienced trainers taught the volunteers how the voter registration application should be filled out, and how to address frequently asked questions about voter registration. There were almost 20 St. Ignatius parishioners in attendance, as well as parishioners from St. Vincent de Paul and St. Francis of Assisi. Volunteers from several local organizations, including the Baltimore Transit Equity Commission, the Franciscan Center, the League of Women Voters, and the Weinberg Housing Resources Center, were also in attendance.

As part of the parish’s celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, trained volunteers from St. Ignatius started voter registration efforts on January 19th. These volunteers tabled before and after Mass, addressing questions and helping people to complete voter registration applications. Our efforts will be ongoing this spring as we continue tabling, and explore other potential venues and collaborations for voter registration. If you would like to be involved in registering parishioners to vote, upcoming dates for tabling are 2/9, 3/22, and 3/29. Please contact Anne Lilly at for more information.