Young Family Ministry


The St. Ignatius Family Ministry is here to bring together parents going through the joys and challenges of parenthood, and to help kids make new friends with other kids with the same type of values and faith formation. Interested?

The ministry gets together about 8 times a year for casual, easy fun. Sometimes they do something related to a saint, like their St. Patrick’s Day fun; sometimes we have an event about more universal values, like giving thanks in November. They gather for an Advent Service Project in December to prepare small hygiene kits for the Loaves & Fishes ministry to share with people experiencing homelessness. Additionally, they have a spring Sherwood Gardens picnic and a fall Saturday brunch meal.

We know parents make a conscious choice when they stay at St. Ignatius after having children or joining the parish with children – it’s a great distance for many to come into the city. Yet there is something about the Jesuit mission and St. Ignatius’s welcoming, diverse community that makes the extra effort worthwhile. The Young Family Ministry is designed to help young families feel connected! Please join us!

Upcoming Events


Craig & Gracie Smith (and Matthew)