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The Work of Fr. Mark Ebosele

Father Mark Okojie Ebosele has returned to St. Ignatius Church for his 12th summer of ministry with us. Our parish supported Father Mark during his eight years of seminary training. In 2006 Father Watters flew to Nigeria to attend Father Mark’s Ordination to the Priesthood and to invite him to come to Baltimore to meet the people who had supported his seminary education.

In summer of 2007 he arrived and became a much-loved priest whose work and original parish of St. Bede the Venerable our parish supported in multiple ways. We have assisted Father Mark with financial gifts to build a church, rectory, school and water tower. We are pleased to make the focus of this week’s Poor Box collection to continue to work of Fr. Mark does within his church, school, and needs within his community.

Your cheerful generosity makes such a difference for those living at the margins. To contribute, the Poor Boxes are located in the Chapel of Grace and in the Narthex of the church at the top of both side stairs. – Thank you for your kind generosity