The Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends in Christ,

This June, let us advocate for migrants at our southern border who face mortal danger. Many Latinos have varied but valid reasons to come to our door: death squads in their home countries, gangs that had been extorting money from them, misguided leaders who ruined economies with Marxist policies. Latinos look different than our parents, but they are as moral and civic minded as any 19th century European or African American with a similar sad story to recount and a simple desire for a better life. Latinos arrive at the border at both the right and the wrong time. It’s the perfect time because the U.S. reported yet another drop in the 2023 birthrate (1.61 births per woman within the childbearing age range). We could use workers for a healthy economy. Unfortunately, Latinos arrive at the wrong time. Like their own respective Latin American country, many are spiraling into crises forcing migration. Continue Reading