Update on the The Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act

Justice & Peace Committee: Economic Justice Subcommittee Source: ​Service Employees International Union

Dear Parishioners,
Do you have family & friends in other states?
The Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act, which passed the House of Representatives on May 15th with bipartisan support, includes provisions that would help Maryland avoid additional layoffs and devastating cuts to services. Both Senator Van Hollen & Senator Cardin are in support of the HEROES Act, but we have an obligation to encourage others in our communities to work for justice.

Please pass this information on to your friends and family in other states!

Specifically, this act would:

• Allocate $9.6 billion to the government of Maryland and $5.6 billion to its localities over the span of two years, which would save thousands of jobs, and help maintain the uninterrupted delivery of public services like health care, first responders, and safe drinking water.

• Increase Maryland’s Federal Medical Assistance Percentage
(FMAP) and provide an additional $2.1 billion in Medicaid dollars
to Maryland over an 18- month period.
• Provide $1.4 billion for education in Maryland, including $898 million for public K- 12 schools and $415 million to public colleges and universities, which would save 9,000 jobs supporting K-12 education and 2,800 supporting higher education. This funding would help strengthen distance learning and teaching strategies to keep students and teachers healthy.

Thank you for your support!