September 2022 – Pastoral Council Minutes 



Kevin Burdinski

Christina deGraft-Johnson

Jack Gatti

Roseanne Hanratty

James Kline


Ryan Bixler

Christopher Daffin

Toni Moore-Duggan

Ted Engelke

Andrew Lacovara

Kate Walsh



  • In the last month, Fr. Brian has met with several ministries to get familiarized with their work and to provide support. Some visits included the Justice and Peace committee, Loaves and Fishes, and Embracing Gods gifts.
  • Fr. Brian has also made pastoral visits to the home bound
  • Roof update: slated to start work in the Spring of 2023
  • Fr. Brian met with a few people regarding liturgy (eucharistic ministers, deacons, musicians). Discussed ways of providing in-person parishioners with more information regarding mass. Discussed music assisting with prayer.
    • Hard copy bulletin will be returning in October
      • Discussed adding a “Highlight a Parishioner” section
      • Discussed adding financials and attendance in the paper bulletin only
      • Discussed including more women as servers during mass.
  • Fr. Brian shared that there is continued concern related to Saturday evening mass attendance (close to 30-40 attending weekly). Big question is: is the timing of the Saturday Mass appropriate?
    • Fr. Brian and Roseanne to work on creating a survey to get more information about mass times and preferences from the Saturday evening group and perhaps the larger parish.
    • Fr. Brian wants to continue having ad-hoc meetings related to liturgy and be more inclusive by inviting eucharistic ministers women, and people from a variety of ages and backgrounds
  • Discussion centered on ways to engage parishioners
    • Talked at length about ways to re-introduce parishioners to the various ministries and opportunities to volunteer
      • Will need to coordinate a Ministry Fair
      • Will need to coordinate Ministry Minute (priority to highlight the Young Adult group)
    • Discussed including more women in mass as servers
    • Jack volunteered to re-engage the Young Adult group by planning an event for October.
      • Perhaps survey members on what they’re looking to gain from the Young Adult community (faith sharing, happy hours, service activities, etc.)
    • Fr. Brian to discuss volunteer opportunities after communion as a kickoff to Ministry Fair and Ministry minute
    • Loaves and Fishes is looking to add a 5th volunteer group so volunteers are going out once every 5 weeks instead of once every 4 weeks
    • Casserole program has resumed – currently have 10 casseroles so far. Would be good to tell parishioners the numbers to encourage more participation
    • Hospitality has gone up in the last few weeks with more people attending coffee hour after mass
    • Continue to engage with ministries. While we aren’t able to get through everything during our scheduled meetings, we continue to make progress towards engagement and connection


a. Liturgy: Musicians, Deacons, Chris McCullough, Fr. Watters, John O’Dean

b. Education and Formation: Chris McCullough for a submitted report

c. Social Justice and Charitable Outreach: Jack Gatti and other reports

d. Parish Life: Hospitality and Outreach

e. Finance and Administration: Ryan Bixler/Jim Suttner


a. Pastoral Council Meetings – Moving to Thursdays at 7pm to better accommodate schedules (inclement weather option will be zoom). Future meeting dates: Oct. 13, Nov. 10, Dec. 15


  • Need to further discuss the Loyola School utilizing Parish space. Small update is that Fr. Watters will be applying for a permit and demolition is slated to start in October.
  • Coordination of the Ministry fair/minute
  • Has increased participation been addressed?
    • Will review survey for Saturday Mass as a means to answer this question
  • Jack to plan an October Young Adult event


Next meeting Oct. 13 at 7pm in the Parish Office Space



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