Prayers for the Sick

Please keep our friends and family in your prayers.

Federico Amaya
Rick Atkinson
Jovina Baino
Gail Baker
Cathy Baldwin
Betty Better
Lisa Bird
William Blum
Paul Bonsiero
Susan Bonsiero
Shaun Brockington
Maureen Buckley
K. Byrne
Patrick Byrne
Courtney Caine
Coral Carolina
Christina Carton
Gloria Chance
Sarah Cherry
Sioibhan Coughlin
David Cox
Helen Cusack-Tarduns
Wendell Dailey
Anna Deaver
Finley Dennin
Kristine DePolo
Kathy Dugan
Josh Edwards
Nancy Flanigan
Kathleen Florea
Stacie Guerin
Kay Haddon
Robert Heath
Daniel Henry
Ronda Horton
Penny Joiner
Bonnie Jones
Tugume Kandida
Jimmy Keogh
Ed Knieriem
Phil Lambe
Michele Linton
Mildred Longstreet
Leo MacBryde
Jimmy Malone
Ann McDonnell
Carbra McDonnell
Carl Merhar
Sharon Merhar
Ellen Morrison
Salome Mosqueda
John Mulcare
Beatrice Nyangoma
Sister Ann O’Donnell, SND
Catherine Oldfield
Joan O’Toole
Gail Parr
Susan Paznekas
Guillermo Prada-Silva
Hazel Reid
Jenn Reid
Chris Rowles
Rosemary Sales
Alberto Salcedo
Christy Saunders
Edward Sienicki
Ana Maria Snell
John Snell
Leslie Tailor
Vic Tailor
Rick Vach
Ann Vinnup
Fr. William Warman
Donni Warren
Sue Welsh
Abby Werthmann
Frances Wroblewski
J.J. Zarama

Please help us keep this list accurate and up-to-date.

Family members, we ask that you contact Barbara Dailey at at the Parish Office to let us know about the condition of those for whom we pray.

Names will stay on the list for 3 months, at which point you will need to resubmit for another 3 months.

Prayer for the Sick Request Form

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1. Name of the sick person