Prayers for the Sick

Please keep our friends and family in your prayers.

PLEASE HELP US KEEP THIS LIST ACCURATE AND UP TO DATE: Family members, we ask that you contact Barbara Dailey at the Parish Office to let us know about the condition of those for whom we pray. Names will stay on the list for 3 months at which point you will need to re-submit for another 3 month session.  

Carlos Abarca
Rick Atkinson
Ray Aumiller
Jovina Baino
Cathy Baldwin
Stephen Blum
Paul Bonsiero

Nancy Brennan
Hannah Brunson
Bonnie Buckler

Sarah Cherry
Joanna Coc
Luke Conley
Sioibhan Coughlin
David Cox
Ray Curran
Zacharie Currie
Helen Cusack-Tarduns
Maria DeMeo
Ann Doyle

Kathy Dugan
Josh Edwards
Nancy Flanigan
Kathleen Florea
Frank Fox
Paula George
Mary Giordano
Kelly Gustafson
Jun Halasan
Jack Hartley
Kathy Heckrotte
John Howe
Penny Joiner
Cathleen Jones
Kevin Jones
Dick Keidel
Tom Kelley
Jim Klein
Helen Lacy
Dan Laughman
Beth Leonard
Jack Leibman
Richard Lidinsky
Michele Linton
Rebecca Lloyd
Robert Ludwig
Bonita Manning
Jan Martin
Ann McDonnell
Carbra McDonnell
John McGuire Sr.
Sandy McMahon
Hazel Melton
Jeanne Mott
Susan Paznekas
Gail Parr
Michael Preston
Carlos Quintinella
Dr. Tom Rankin
Jeremiah Rodriguez
Darryl Sanders
Christy Saunders
Mary Denise Schneider
Thea Schnydman
Elizabeth Smith
Karen Sutphen

Jim Todd
Mary Jo Vaness
Kate Walsh
Charles Ware
Joshua Webb
Leo Welsh
Sue Welsh
L Wildey
Mary Ellen Winter
Jean Witt
John Wroblewski
Betty Zajac
Bob Zielinski
Tom Zielinski