The topic of the Israeli-Palestinian “conflict” is a difficult conversation for most Americans to have, even for those who are informed and dispassionate.  Most Americans are insufficiently informed and are conflicted on what to believe.  Mainstream media, it is apparent, does not do a good job of presenting fully and fairly all sides of the issue; there is more “repeating” of the loudest voice than “reporting.” Lost in all of this cacophony are the voices of the people living in the Holy Land.

Voices From the Holy Land Film Series seeks to offer a different perspective.  It seeks to provide a voice to the people living in this Holy Land.  It seeks to present informative and compelling documentary films by Israeli, Palestinian, American, and European film makers to start conversations.  St. Ignatius is hosting two of their films this fall (click here to see schedule). To learn more view their website.

To contribute, the Poor Boxes are located in the Chapel of Grace and in the Narthex of the church at the top of both side stairs. – Thank you for your kind generosity.