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The Nawal Rajeh Peace Camp (co-founded by Ralph Moore and Nawal Rajeh)


Peace Camp is in its 13th year of growing peacemakers. During the camp we teach the children about positive conflict resolution and non-violence and yet they have fun: swimming, field trips, art and music classes, breakfast, lunch and snacks and Tai Chi.  We worry about safety for our children left on city streets during the summer– the sun is high and hot, the bullets are flying aimlessly, the children are the most vulnerable.The leadership of Peace Camp provides a fun summer camp experience for 110 children (boys and girls ages 6-13) while teaching them about non-violence and positive conflict resolution. We operate at two sites for three weeks each: the 29th Street Community Center in the Harwood neighborhood and the St. Frances Academy Community Center in Johnston Square on East Chase Street near our church.

The peace “campers” receive breakfast, lunch and snacks while with us and go swimming, have art classes, go on field trips and learn about a different peace hero each week.

There is no charge for the campers to be in the camp. There never has been. Funds are needed to help pay staff, for buses, T-shirts, snacks and admissions to field trips.

Please support Peace Camp, St. Ignatius Congregation, as you always have.To learn more about this wonderful ministry, click here.

Your cheerful generosity makes such a difference for those living at the margins. To contribute, the Poor Boxes are located in the Chapel of Grace and in the narthex of the church at the bottom of the choir loft stairs.