Minutes of the St. Ignatius Pastoral Council

7:00 PM — October 5, 2020 

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Present: Father Casciotti, Ted Engelke, Ryan Bixler, Joe Hillery, Vonetta Edwards, Len Heckwolf, Barbara Lazatti, Barb Ipsaro, Kate Walsh, and Andrew Lacovara.

  1. Opening Prayer

Andrew opened with prayer.

  1. Pastor’s Report
  • Wednesday is the meeting with the elevator folks.
  • Father Watters is looking at everything (all assets) on how to juggle the space around for the school. Looking at everything to make it work.
  • Can reach out to Erika Meadows for volunteer work.
  • Moving all the wiring for the video cameras. 
  • PREP is in the second week of classes, and there has been 100% attendance. The kids are getting used to Zoom. The parents are participating as well. 
  • Environmental committee – Father did a lot of good work in the ezine and at mass. 
  • There are people showing up without a reservation. Sunday’s attendance was 100%. Considering beginning the 4:30 mass if high attendance continues.
  • Thinking about how many masses to do for Christmas with the high attendance now. Father wants to be able to announce the masses by Thanksgiving.
  • 50 pews and a max of 4 in each pew. So, 50-200 capacity depending on the family size that sits in a pew.
  • What we know right now is that the current plan/process with have for masses works; there has not been a COVID spread based on the way we currently operate. 
  1. III.Pastoral Council Elections
  • Two positions to appoint this year: Rich and Vonetta end their terms in December.
  • Need to decide on a Nominating Committee at this meeting (10/5/2020). Barbara Lazatti, Ted Engelke, Barb Ipsaro, and Kate Walsh volunteered to be on the committee.
  • Like to keep the Council balanced in terms of diversity and what masses they attend. 
  • There were several suggested nominations that Father took note of to reach out to. 
  1. IV.Old Business 


  1.         New Business


  1. VI.Grab Bag 
  • Barb Ipsaro brought up the discussion of how to start/continue the dialogue of the church being more open minded.
  • Want to understand how to continue to have younger people to keep pursuing the gospel over political ideologies. How do we encourage people to listen and think through different perspectives?
  1. VII.Closing Prayer 

 Vonetta closed with prayer.

VIII. Adjourn – Next Meeting November 2, 2020 @ 7 PM