October 2021 – Pastoral Council Minutes

St. Ignatius Pastoral Council Meeting

Monday, October 11, 2021, at 6:30PM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Present: Father Casciotti, Len Heckwolf, Joe Hillery, Kate Walsh, Barbara Ipsaro, Ryan Bixler, Toni Moore-Duggan, and Kevin Burdinski.

Opening Prayer

Len opened with prayer.

1.  Pastor’s Report – Father Jim


  • A synod is an ancient word in the tradition of the Church whose meaning indicates the path along which the People of God walk together.
  • The early Church met all together to solve a problem.
  • Vatican 2 said we should start having synods again, but it got watered down.
  • This is trying to be restarted so there isn’t what looks to be a “dictator.”
  • Trying to really listen to each other to help improve the hierarchy. Listening to the people and taking their thoughts into perspective.
  • The question was raised by the Council, will there be any change/development in the principles of the Church?
  • Anything can be discussed at these synods. It not a place for debate, but rather to get all ideas/thoughts/perspectives on the table to be considered by the Church.
  • What can we as a local parish do to be involved? We all talk openly and don’t debate.


  • Father Casciotti and Candra met with a Synagogue about ideas to partner with them to do more justice work with them.
  • We received more money for the music program.
  • Father Casciotti made an introduction with Peabody which may result in getting younger people interested in the Church.
  • Plans for CHAP credit are being redrawn. Hoping to have the revised plans in early November.
  • Two new parishioners joined in the past two weeks. Both came from the virtual mass and said they really enjoy the homilies.

2.  Deacons Update – Andrew

  • Andrew will still be operating in his role at Corpus Christi as least through the middle to the end of next month.
  • Weddings and baptism are continuing at a good pace.
  • Andrew wants to get more involved and is turning his attention back to pre cana. The idea of extending pre cana to people outside the Church was discussed.
  • The parish is opening up again which comes with a lot of opportunities and challenges.

3. Justice and Peace Update – Joe

  • The Justice and Peace meeting is Thursday.
  •  A lot of emphasis was on the Feast of Saint Francis. Emphasis on care of our planet.
  • Catholic Charities was asked to sponsor Afghan families. There is a Zoom meeting Thursday to talk about adopting a family. We have money from the poor box to support this.
  • There will be a candidate night for politicians to discuss their positions/policies.  
  • We addressed signing up for the ministries so there is a greater representation of the Parish. Joe will emphasis to people to only sign up once a month so others have opportunities to participate.

4.  Closing Prayer

Kate closed with prayer

5. Upcoming Meetings

November 8th

December 6th


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