Minutes of the St. Ignatius Pastoral Council

7:00 PM — November 2, 2020 

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Present: Father Casciotti, Ted Engelke, Ryan Bixler, Vonetta Edwards, Len Heckwolf, Barbara Lazatti, Barb Ipsaro, Kate Walsh, and Andrew Lacovara.

  1. Opening Prayer

Father Jim opened with prayer.

  1. Acceptance of Minutes
  • The minutes from the October meeting were accepted.
  1. III.Pastor’s Report
  • The last payment for the elevators was made.
  • A few more floors still need to be completed.
  • Windows are supposed to be delivered and should be installed by the end of November.
  • Meeting for K-4 was discussed regarding how to use the row homes. Father Watters will need to raise about $10M. A better estimate/plan will be ready by the end of November. And construction will start next August if all goes well. Construction will take one year.
  • Planning to have two Christmas masses; one Christmas Eve and one Christmas Day.
  1. IV.Old Business 
  • Father Jim has two people in mind who wants to nominate to join the Pastoral Council.
  • The idea of having a younger person join the Pastoral Council for a year to get an understanding of how it works was suggested. There was positive feedback to this idea. 
  • The work was divided up for the Council to reach out to the nominees. 
  • Want to announce the nominations by Advent. 
  1.         New Business
  • There was a concern raised that there are no women involved in the public mass. Father Jim was going to reach out to people who may want to participate.  
  • PREP is moving forward. A camping trip occurred last week, and it went great. 
  1. VI.Grab Bag 
  • There was a leadership book that Father Jim recommended. He had a few take aways that may be useful to discuss when the new Council comes in. 
  1. VII.Closing Prayer 

Ted closed with prayer.

VIII. Adjourn – Next Meeting December 7, 2020 @ 7 PM