November 2022 – Pastoral Council Minutes 

St. Ignatius Pastoral Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at 7:00PM

In-Person – 102 E. Madison St.

Present: Father Brian, Jim Kline, Kevin Burdinski, Kate Walsh (joined virtually), Christopher Daffin, Andrew Lacovara, Ted Engelke, Rosanne Hanratty, Jack Gatti (joined virtually), and Ryan Bixler.


Christina deGraft-Johnson and Toni Moore-Duggan


Father Brian opened with prayer.

PASTOR’S REMARKS and STORY TELLING/SHARING: Five-minute review of Pastor’s Report

  • Father Brian provided a summary report of what it’s been like since he arrived at St. Ignatius. Please see the attached summary report from the Pastor at the end of these notes beginning on Page 3.
  • There are a few inactive committees that Father wants to revitalize. There is also one new committee.
  • There was positive feedback in how the Mission Focus monthly communications are being delivered.
  • The Loyola School has been delayed and costs have increased.
  • The roof repair on the church is costing more because of materials. Ryan is checking with the Finance Council as to the right timing to liquidate securities to obtain the cash to start paying for the costs.
  • There was a concern brought up about what we are doing for our older parishioners at the Church.
  • Starting to advertise for the Parish Retreat that will take place on March 24-26. A comment was made that it sounded intense and there are barriers to entry, which it’s not. The advertising will address this accordingly.
  • There was positive feedback about the format of summarizing the Pastor’s Report and where the Council can chime in in real time.
  • It was discussed whether the 5pm mass should be pushed to 6pm on Saturday. Or even moved to Sunday. The Saturday numbers are very low right now.
  • If we change anything, we’ll need to solicit feedback first and coach people on why we are changing.
  • There was discussion on how we proactively get creative to create a more diverse parish.
  • What else can we do outside of Mass to create a more inviting environment?
  • We think getting the Chapel back will strengthen the Parish. Give the school the space in Ignatius Hall to get the Chapel back. Father Brian will have a conversation with Father Watters about how to approach this.

Pastor’s Notes:

Pastoral Council Elections: I humbly request Ted Engelke to complete Toni Moore Duggan’s term and email me if this is amenable to him. After four years, Kate Walsh asks to step down. I want to salute Kate for her dedication to the Pastoral Council and her contributions to parish activities. We have two nominations: Kendall Conder and Brendan O’Kane.

Wider Cultural Expression within the Liturgy: The Council had a lively discussion that the current music program precludes a wider appeal to younger and diverse worshippers. The Council asks the pastor to address this.   

Location of Liturgy: The Council expressed unanimous concern that St. Ignatius is prevented from using the Chapel of Grace. The Council asks the pastor to address this privately and consult with any agreements.  

Creating a Community in the City: Collaboration with other faith communities besides Holy Mass will plant seeds to create a better faith community in the city. The pastor will consult other committees for input.

Care and Concern for The Loyola School: The Council expressed unanimous agreement that they want the success of the school.  The pastor will permit use of other areas of the parish building, provided that regulations are followed.

Define a Retreat: Besides setting up a retreat, assist parishioners to understand the rationale for a retreat and what it would look like. The pastor will consult with Fr. Spahn to help parishioners understand a retreat.

Withdrawing Investments for Roof Project: Ryan will research the plan for the Roofing Project. Ryan will report back to the council.


Instead of a December Council meeting, the Pastor will schedule a Christmas Dinner out. The date is TBD.


Archdiocese of BaltimoreOrientation Training
Seek the City to Come: Listening Session
Facilities Assessment: December 13
LGBT Document: Like Every Disciple
Higbee and Associates:
Security Seminar:
AG Report
CommitteesJustice and Peace

* Growing: Immigration Committee
* Inactive: Economic Justice
* Inactive: Racial Justice
* New: Housing, Hunger, Poverty
* Active: Environmental Justice

Growing: Loaves and Fishes
Active: InterFaith
Active: Embracing God’s Gifts
Active: Anti-Racism Task Force
Active: Respect for Life
Active: Reading Group
Active: Young Adults
Re-emerging: Spirituality
Inactive: Arts
Active: Women Who Stay
Inactive: Liturgy
CommunicationMission Focus:

October: Interfaith Committee
November: Immigration
December: Gabriel Network
January: Environmental Justice
February: LGBT
March: Spirituality

Reestablishment of Bulletin through FATA

Ezine Videos

Jessica Vallis
John Odean
Michael Barret
Volunteer: John Walsh
FinancesExpense Changes:
Loaves and Fishes

Income Changes
Human ResourcesSmall Business Solutions
Mon-Wed Parish Office Hours
LiturgyNovember: Month of the Beloved Deceased
Loyola SchoolDelay in Permits
Increase in Demolition and Construction Costs
Academic Year 2022-23
OperationsRectory Renovation
Boiler Issue
Fire Systems Updates
Roof Repairs
Order for New Door to Basement
Separation of Properties
Data Base Administration
Possible Projects: Choir Loft; Outside Lighting
Sacristy Inventory

Greg Richards
Raul Ramirez
Pime Ramirez
Pastoral CareSenior Parishioner Study Group
Visits to Hospital
Subway Certificates
PREP/RCIA/Faith FormationChris McCullough
Sherri Currie
Date with Bishop Madden
ProgrammingEcumenical Work: First and Franklin
Interreligious Work: Beth Am
Parish Retreat March 24-26
NYE Prayer Celebration
Cancelled Play
Roof: Capital ProjectMeeting with Fick Bros.


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