St. Ignatius Pastoral Council Meeting

Monday, November 8, 2021, at 6:30PM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Present: Father Casciotti, Len Heckwolf, Kate Walsh, Barbara Ipsaro, Ryan Bixler,Toni Moore-Duggan, and Kevin Burdinski.

Opening Prayer

Len opened with prayer.

1.  Pastor’s Report – Father Jim


  • Rollout is next Monday with three videos.
  • Starting the second Sunday of Advent, will begin to have people speak in Church about them.
  • We should say what we really think. This is what the Pope is asking for.
  • Try to keep within 75 words.


  • Second set of plans are drawn up for CHAP.
  • The change in plans increased the development project from $8M to $10M.
  • December 13th is the meeting with CHAP for approval.
  • There is another building for sale on St. Paul Street that Father Watters is looking at potentially buying for the school as well.
  • The budget is doing okay and on track for right now.
  • Radio Mass is going to get an $80,000 bequest.
  • The Afghan resettlement is still a moving target, but the discussions are ongoing regarding the logistics.

2.  Deacons Update – Andrew

  • About the status quo for working on baptisms and weddings.
  • The investigation of the Pastor at Corpus Christi is taking longer than expected. Andrew will continue as the administrator there indefinitely.

3. Justice and Peace Update – Len

  • There is significant effort around the gubernatorial candidate. No Republicans have decided to participate. There is going to be a forum at church. Rehearsal will be Sunday after Mass.
  • It will take place on 11/16 at 6pm.
  • There will be two moderators:  Kate and another woman from a separate parish.
  • Last night was the first time back to hot food and hot chocolate for Loaves and Fishes. It’s back in full swing now.
  • Len thinks we need ask for additional volunteers for Loaves and Fishes. Len will work on having less “friction,” so it’s streamlined for the volunteers.
  • The idea of keeping a database of volunteers was brought up.

4.  Other

–    There was discussion on how to accept e-payments during Mass for donations.

–    Plan is to continue with the 10am Mass for now.

–    A letter is being drafted to send to the State Highway Administration about opening the   parking lot again.

5.  Closing Prayer

Ted closed with prayer

6. Upcoming Meetings

December 6th