Image of the State seal from the Miller Senate Office Building

Hundreds of new laws are on the books in Maryland as of July 1. These include a repeal of the Civil-War-era state song, support for low-income and at-risk students to continue their education; tax credits for diaper donations; crisis support for service members, veterans and their families; expanded funds for legal aid; and more. Additional laws will go into effect later in the year, for a total of 809 resulting from the 2021 legislative session.

Among the July 1 laws are a number supported by the Maryland Catholic Conference, including:

  • Income tax modification to cover costs of living organ donors (SB 48/HB 10)
  • Establishment of a task force on oral health and availability and access of dental services (SB 100/HB 368)
  • Expansion of higher education tuition exemption for foster care recipients and homeless youth (SB 155)
  • Support access to healthy food in certain areas that are food deserts (SB 365)
  • Include crisis center helpline on higher ed student identification cards (SB 405)
  • Increase distribution of abandoned property funds for the Maryland Legal Services Corporation fund to assist with pro bono legal services (SB 413)
  • Require public schools provide free feminine hygiene products in women’s restrooms (SB 427/HB 205)
  • Provide support to pregnant and parenting students so they may continue their education and care for their new baby (SB 438/HB 401)
  • Expand funding for and availability of tax clinics for low-income Marylanders (SB 480/HB 421)
  • Establish educational programs for juveniles in residential facilities (SB 497)
  • Establish a matching grant program for nonprofits to provide behavioral health services for service members, veterans and their families (SB 550/HB 872)
  • Authorize state grants to increase availability of family childcare providers in areas with above average poverty and unemployment (SB 711/HB 944)
  • Continue a program that promotes college access for low-income Maryland high school students (HB 98)
  • Expand food access to households receiving or eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance benefits (HB 101)
  • Provide a process and safeguards for new school hires during the background check period (HB 373)
  • Tax credit of up to $1,000 for donating diapers, certain hygiene products or funds for the items to qualified charities (HB 711)
  • Provide funding for the Guaranteed Access Grant program and to assist low-income public and nonpublic students in college and career awareness (HB 1245)