The Environmental Justice Subcommittee is hosting a native plant sale on May 21 after the 5:00 PM Mass and May 22 after the 10:00 AM Mass. Tables will be set up in the Narthex on May 21 and in the Reeves Gallery on May 22. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­There will be a variety of plants available and information about native plants. CASH SALES ONLY.

Why purchase native plants? It is an easy, economical step for caring for our environment. Planting native is an environmental responsibility that affects the world around us. By planting native we maintain the biodiversity of an area. Our native wildlife, especially birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other organisms have evolved with the plants here. If the plants are not present, much of the wildlife is unable to survive. Conserving and reintroducing our native plants can help us recapture our regional character, with plants that are naturally adapted to the local environment. These plants are often more disease resistant than non-natives. They are attractive landscaping that provides food and shelter for wildlife. Native plants protect our natural resources by requiring fewer chemicals, less water and lower maintenance.1  And if that is not enough, native plants are just beautiful. 

1Home and Garden Mimeo HG#120 3/2005.