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Arts & Culture Ministries

Cultural Arts Committee

Cultural Arts Committee organizes periodic exhibits, programs and concerts relating to the cultural expression of faith.

The Reeves Gallery

The Reeves Gallery displays artwork by parishioners and other artists.

“The gallery has been a rich experience for me. We can see the faith dialogue with a deep search for celebrating the pursuit of beauty through varied sensibilities. I love this process of discovery”. – David Cunningham, Curator (10-1-2013)

Iñigo Book Group

The Inigo Book Group of St. Ignatius Parish in Baltimore meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Parish Office Building, 110 East Madison St, Baltimore 21202. The Iñigo Book Group fosters and enjoys thoughtful, well prepared, civil discussions of wonderful books. The selected books for discussion are chosen by all active members for the upcoming year at the annual planning meeting in November. In December, members vote on the recommended books and those with the most votes are selected to be be read in the upcoming year. Members of Iñigo Book Group represent the cultural and professional diversity that makes being part of St. Ignatius Parish such a wonderful experience. The Iñigo Book Group welcomes new members at any time during the year. If interested, feel free to come to the next meeting or contact William Paznekas at [email protected].

Click here for the 2019 book list.


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