St. Ignatius Pastoral Council Meeting
Monday, March 15, 2021 at 7:00 PM
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Present: Father Casciotti, Len Heckwolf, Joe Hillery, Andrew Lacovara, Rene DeBrabander, Ted Engelke, Ryan Bixler, Toni Mooore-Duggan, Kate Walsh, and Kevin Burdinski.

1. Opening Prayer – Father Casciotti

2. Pastor’s Update – Father Casciotti
– The minutes were approved without change.
– Possibly add a mass by the first weekend in July.
– Once the March figures come in, we will look forward to the new budget for the next year. We are on track this year, but note that we did cut a lot of costs out this year.
– We have given notice to the tenants that they must move out by June 30th. There is some money from the poor box to help them with the transition.
– Perhaps demolition can start in December.
– There will be kindergarten in September; just need approval from the state is the last step.

3. Deacon’s Update – Andrew Lacavara
– We have a re-imagined Pre-Cana that is being slimmed down. They are currently working with about 12 couples.
– There are still people who want to get married in the Church, which is nice to hear.
– There are about 10-11 couples going through the baptism process.

4. Next Survey – Father Casciotti
– This would be the 5th/6th survey we have done, and it’s been a year since the last one.
– We want to ask the Parishioners and members how well we have done to provide the liturgy in the virtual world and ask if they had additional suggestions. This one will be more subjective.
– Len is hopeful to send out the survey sometime in April.
– The Council will send questions they would like in the survey.

5. Loaves and Fishes Upcoming Changes – Len Heckwolf
– Had a few meetings/discussions that will likely result into some changes.
– Seems like every Sunday will be covered now.
– Need to list the issues to make sure everyone is aware, and they can make their own call.

6. Justice and Peace Briefing – Joe Hillery
– This month’s meeting was the legislative advocacy workshop. Emily Bruce provided a set of notes and there is a slide presentation.
– There was an idea to intentionally match someone of color with a someone white to become prayer partners or build more meaningful relationships.
– We have scheduled meetings with all our legislators where we have Parishioners.

7. Closing Prayer – Len Heckwolf