Justice & Peace Ministry

The Justice & Peace Ministry of Saint Ignatius Catholic Community is dedicated to the service of faith and the promotion of justice. As a parish, we are called and challenged to articulate, advocate, and act upon critical social, economic, cultural and political issues that affect us, our city, and our world. We are called to be a resource to provide parishioners with opportunities to live out their faith through justice.

Welcome Basket Project


In 2022, Baltimore rehoused 1,188 individuals and families experiencing homelessness. But the annual point-in-time census counted 1,597 Baltimoreans in need of housing on just one night in February. Every day, more neighbors, friends, and family reach out for help.

St. Ignatius Parish is reaching out to support our neighbors previously experiencing homelessness by purchasing new comfort items and housewares packed in a Welcome Basket that will be delivered to their new home when they are rehoused.

Environmental Justice

On a cold and windy Saturday on January 21, 2023, a few members of the Environmental Justice Committee worked with volunteer Phyllis Fung, a certified Tree Keeper and Board member of Blue Water Baltimore, to prune five street trees parallel to the church along Madison Street. The pruning is one piece of the Committee’s mission for 2023 to focus on water related issues. Trees are not only beautiful, they provide shade, habitat for wildlife, and absorb CO2, a contributing cause of global warming. The roots of trees stabilize the soil to minimize soil erosion and absorb stormwater to keep it in the ground instead of running untreated into our waterways. The pruning enhanced the health of the trees by removing dead and broken branches, crossed branches and stubs. A big thanks to Father Frain, Phyllis Fung and the Environmental Justice Committee.

Support Our Immigration Work


Urge senators to oppose policies that negatively impact asylum seekers.


Volunteer with the Migrant Accompaniment Network and assist migrants in your area.

See the Immigration Committee in Action


Read resources on how and where to renew your DACA in 2023.


Donate to help support and cover a DACA recipient’s application fees. 

Learn more about the program.

Who We Serve

As a ministry, we encourage parishioners to reflect on their experiences and to discern God’s presence in their lives. We seek to nurture leadership and personal faith by engaging, partnering with, advocating on behalf of, and being converted by the diverse urban community of Baltimore. Our priorities are advocacy, education, and social responsibility. Our work is carried out by committees, direct service ministries, and community partnerships.

St. Ignatius Catholic Community demographics map


The Justice & Peace Ministry is organized by committees. These dynamic clusters, composed of passionate and engaged volunteers, focus on systemic injustices and their impact on human lives and advocate for societal changes that improve the lives of those who face systemic oppression. We nurture lay leadership as well as personal faith through solidarity with oppressed groups and dedication to the greater good. Meetings take place monthly and are convened by Committee Chairs for one hour. A combined meeting including all committees follows. There is a dynamic quality to this process which allows for open communication, bonding, and supporting one another.

View committee chart here

Justice & Peace – Chris McCullough – chrismccullough@st-ignatius.net

Immigration – Vonetta Edwards & Shari Shea – immigration@st-ignatius.net
Economic Justice – Terry Cavanagh – tcavanagh@seiumddc.org
Racial Justice – Chris McCullough – chrismccullough@st-ignatius.net
Hunger, Housing and Poverty – Candra Healy – candrahealy@st-ignatius.net
Environmental Justice – Theresa Furnari – tafurnari10@gmail.com

Upcoming Events

“Whenever you are engaged with work that serves humanity and is for the building of humanity, it has dignity and it has worth”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Learn about important advocacy issues that need your immediate support.


Act Now!

Activities that aim to influence decisions within political, economic, & social systems.

Take Action


Social justice endeavors that are in alignment with our mission, goals, and vision.

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Media Watch

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