January 2023 – Pastoral Council Minutes

St. Ignatius Pastoral Council Meeting

Wednesday, January 24, 2023, at 7:00PM

In-Person – Parish Office

Present: Father Brian Frain, Andrew Lacovara, Jim Kline, Kevin Burdinski, Ted Engelke, Rosanne Hanratty (called in), Jack Gatti, Christina deGraft-Johnson, John Odean, Kendall Conder, and Ryan Bixler.

Absent:  Toni Moore-Duggan and Brendon O’Kane.

OPENING PRAYER: Kevin opened with prayer.

  • Warmest welcome to Brendan O’Kane and Kendall Conder
    • Reminder that January 29th 10am mass is the commission of the new Pastoral Council members.


  • Unfinished business
    • Loyola School’s relationship with St. Ignatius
      • The Parish has given its ongoing support for the Loyola School.
      • The Chapel will be free to use starting June 30.
      • The Church will open the second floor, temporarily, for the School as long as all the state codes are met.
    • The Culture of Worship at St. Ignatius
      • Having the Chapel back was a big ask of the Parish and this will help the culture of worship.
    • Restoring the in-person nature of the parish
      • Young Adult ministry
        • Will help build this up at the Ministry Fair.
        • Jack said there was a successful Advent event.
        • They are trying to plan a Lent event as well.
        • Whatever event(s) that is planned will be publicized.
      • Ministry Fair
        • Goal is to have the fair in 2023.
        • Typically held after Mass in Ignatian Hall.
        • Timing likely in mid-April after Easter. Father Brian will come up with a tentative date.
        • Each ministry would have a table and information to provide as people came by to talk. A QR code idea was also discussed.
        • There is also a table to register parishioners that are interested in joining a specific ministry.
        • John will create the placards to keep the materials consistent.
  • New business
    • Focus Groups and listening sessions for Seek the City to Come
      • The Archdiocese has asked each Parish to reach out to Parishioners to better understand what they want in a Parish.
      • This will be done in phases where the Archdiocese is trying to understand how the Church in Baltimore will be sustainable.
      • Each pastoral council member meeting with 6-8 people in the next two months and report back findings to council. The goal is to listen faithfully and report back what people are sharing and what they want. What do you envision St. Ignatius to look like in the 21st century? Look at the website information on Seek the City to Come. https://www.archbalt.org/seekthecity/
      • Father Brian will come back with logistics on this.
        • It’s important to gather a wide age range of people to gather their thoughts.
    • Elections
      • Kevin was nominated for President and confirmed via a vote.
      • Kendall was nominated for Vice President and confirmed via a vote.
      • Ryan was nominated for Secretary and confirmed via a vote.
    • Scheduling for next meeting
      • The last Tuesday in each month is when the meetings through May will occur.
    • Black Lives Matter outdoor banner
      • The Council thought it’s important to put it back up.

PASTOR’S REMARKS and STORY TELLING/SHARING: Five-minute review of Pastor’s Report


  • Interfaith Committee – need to advertise the initiatives.
    • Two Beth Am Initiatives in May
    • Hesburgh Lecture in November
  • Anti-Racism Task Force
    • March Mission Focus
    • Zoom Meditations will continue to be on the last Wednesday of every month
    • Zoom MLK Jr Service on Non-Violence; there was a successful service
    • MLK Jr Service at White Marsh Farm Cemetery for Enslaves Persons
    • Zoom Mother Lange Virtual Pilgrimage is upcoming
    • Will put on a St. Patrick’s Meditation is planned for March and may partner with New York St. Francis Xavier
    • Request: Banner Upkeep
  • Spirituality
    • Soup, salad, and stations every Friday during Lent. Father Brian is going to ask the Council to host on Friday night.
    • Retreat program is postponed until we get more buy-in.
  • PREP
    • No service work. Thinking about how to implement this as a requirement.
    • First Reconciliation was on January 7th. There were 13 children.
    • First Holy Communion is April 30th.
    • Confirmation on Pentecost (this date is being confirmed; generally it is late in the Spring and Bishop Madden will be there).
  • Justice and Peace
    • Road Trip: Pilgrimage to Selma and Birmingham. $1,100 is the cost and it will be in September. There is a Parish, St. Jude Alabama, who have walked the march.
    • Immigration Justice. Andrew is going to reach out to Vonetta to see what’s going on.
    • Housing, Hunger, Poverty (new committee): Ten Welcome Baskets to those recently housed.
    • Environmental Justice: Tree Pruning Lessons, Loyola School Botany Lessons, May Flower Drive
    • February 26 Lecture
    • Economic Justice. John is reaching out to Terry to see what’s going on.
    • Racial Justice. No update, working with the Anti-racism Task Force.
  • Loaves and Fishes
    • Lost Better Life Fellowship/Paula McLellan one Saturday a month will not be serving. The partner is backing out.
  • Facility Assessment
    • Several areas marked as critical: Windows on the 5th flour, Dishwasher in Ignatian Hall, Paving, Elevator, ADA Study, Rectory support bearing walls (Andrew will take a look before the school starts work), 6th Floor flooring (just storage area currently).
  • Embracing God’s Gifts
    • Backed out of February 2023 Mission Focus, Requested May 2023
  • Liturgy
    • Still hoping for Acolytes
    • Restoring the Nativity Manger Figures (the big manger is being repaired)
    • Sacristy Painting
  • Lent
    • Doing stations this year.
  • March 22nd there will be Reconciliation.




  • The last Tuesday of each month.



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