Interfaith Committee

Bringing Diverse Faith Traditions Together

The Interfaith/Ecumenical Committee builds understanding and community among people of different faiths and religious traditions by creating opportunities for learning with, praying with, and cooperating with them in works of justice and charity.

The committee keeps our parish members informed of these opportunities and invites and encourages parishioners to bring to the committee their ideas and desires for interfaith and ecumenical endeavors.


Jane Ambrose
Committee Co-Chair

Donna Price
Committee Co-Chair

From left, Donna Price, interfaith prayer celebration coordinator, the Rev. William J. Watters, assisting priest at St. Ignatius Church in Baltimore, George Henschel, cantor, and Brian Frain, pastor, shown Tuesday, will participate in a New Year’s Eve service at St. Ignatius.

(Karl Merton Ferron/The Baltimore Sun)

The New Years Eve Interfaith Prayer Service

Historic St. Ignatius Church at Calvert and Madison Streets hosts the Annual Interfaith Prayer Service.

This perennial city favorite has now been presented for 30 years, and is a gathering of people of various faiths, including Jewish, Christian and Muslim who come to offer thanksgiving for blessings during the past year and to pray for continued blessings in the ensuing year.

Time & Price

The musical program begins at 8 PM and concludes at 9:30 – well in advance of other New Year’s Eve activities.

Admission is always free.


On-street parking and low cost, well lighted indoor parking one block south of Church.

Handicapped Access

Street level with elevator

For more information, call the parish office at 410-727-3848.