Inaugural Young Adult Food & Fellowship Social

Mark your calendars – Our Inaugural Young Adult Food & Fellowship social is happening (this) Sunday, January 21st, right after the 6 pm Mass at Never on Sunday. Come and join us for a delightful evening, meet new friends, and enjoy some faith-filled fun.

On January 27th we will be teaming up with Loaves & Fishes to provide a nourishing weekend meal to our brothers and sisters in need. We’re on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers to help with shopping, food prep, and delivery—a fantastic chance to build community while serving those in need. We will be doing this the 4th Saturday of each month. Please sign up at

If you’re a young adult who attends the 6 p.m. Sunday Mass, we have two fantastic opportunities for you to deepen connections, meet new friends, and contribute significantly to our worship experience.

First: We are looking for lectors and Eucharistic ministers. If you’re keen but haven’t tried your hand at either role, hang around after the 6 pm Mass for a brief chat with Deacon Andrew. And for those with prior experience, feel free to sign up at

Second: We are in need of talented singers, guitarists, and pianists. The time commitment is minimal, and your musical talents can truly make a difference in our worship experience. If you’re up for it, reach out to Barbara Dailey at or give her a call at 410-727-3848.

For the most up-to-date information regarding our events, please check out the Young Adult Ministry page on our website and follow our the Young Adult Instagram @St.Ignatius_Baltimore

We’ve also established a Young Adult GroupMe – a dedicated space for you to exchange prayer requests, participate in vibrant discussions, and foster community. Join us at

Let’s embrace these opportunities to strengthen our connections, contribute to the positive transformation of our community, and accompany one another in our journey of faith. I eagerly anticipate the joy of sharing these meaningful experiences with you, as we continue to grow in faith, hope, and love, drawing ever closer to Christ.


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As a Jesuit parish, we believe we are called to explore, discover, respect, protect, and enhance whatever is humane and graced in every person, and in every culture.