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The Immigration Subcommittee was formed by parishioners concerned about the injustices faced by immigrant, refugee and asylee families and individuals. Many of today’s immigrants leave their home countries because of intense violence, lack of opportunity, economic or legal injustices and persecution due to religion, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation. We feel called by the Gospel and guided by Catholic Social Teaching to welcome the stranger by seeing in the immigrant the face of Christ. The United States is a country built by immigrants, most of us need to look back only one or two generations to discover our own immigrant ancestors. READ MORE

Justice & Peace Meeting :The Justice & Peace Committee generally meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6 PM. Click here for complete information.

Recent Projects

At St. Ignatius Catholic Church, we believe Voting is An Act of Love.
This election season, we are teaming up with the Ignatian Solidarity Network,
and When We All Vote, a non-profit, non-partisan organization on a
mission to increase participation in every election and
close the race and age voting gap.

Your vote is your voice.

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Catholic Relief Services (CRS) & St. Ignatius Catholic Community
Partnering with CRS during the COVID-19 Global Emergency

The St. Ignatius Catholic Community is a long-time supporter of Catholic Relief Services in their efforts to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas.

For the past three years, St. Ignatius has partnered with Catholic Relief Services and the Baltimore Orioles to provide 75,000 packaged meals to women and children in Burkina Faso. Last year, we were able to meet our $1,500 goal.

This year, as the number of global COVID-19 cases surpasses 10 million, and the death toll exceeds 500,000, the coronavirus pandemic is causing devastating loss, grief and disruption worldwide. A sharp rise in the number of confirmed cases continues to be observed in the United States and Brazil, as well as in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United Kingdom. Cases are also rising on the African continent, especially in Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa. In times of crisis, people living on the margins are hit the hardest. For the most vulnerable in communities where health systems are strained, the pandemic has the potential to massively disrupt their stability, income, safety and access to food.

St. Ignatius Catholic Community joined hands to support the work of Catholic Relief Services by making a donation in the amount of $300 to support communities in COVID-19 prevention, awareness, hygiene, strengthened health systems, food security and livelihoods.

In this short video, hear Advice from Refugees in Greece to Other Refugees and Displace around the World.

Visit here to learn more about CRS’ COVID-19 Response.

If you’d like to get involved in immigration advocacy work, visit the Immigration Subcommittee page here. 

Faith In Action:
Jesuit Parish Advocacy Day on Migration with Ignatian Solidarity Network

On Tuesday, June 23rd, members of the Immigration Subcommittee from the St. Ignatius Justice & Peace Committee, joined with the Ignatian Solidarity Network in the first ever Jesuit Parish Advocacy Day on Migration.

Members Vonetta Edwards, Emily Bruce, Isabelle Garcia, Candra Healy, and Nikki Porter Sappington met with representatives from both Senator Van Hollen and Senator Cardin’s offices.
Members Vonetta Edwards, Emily Bruce, Isabelle Garcia, Candra Healy, and Nikki Porter Sappington met with representatives from both Senator Van Hollen and Senator Cardin’s offices.

Members advocated for just and humane immigration policies, including: considering asylum-seeking essential travel, including mixed status families in economic stimulus packages, automatic DACA and TPS extensions and renewals, protection for migrant agricultural farm workers. They met with representatives from both Senator Van Hollen and Senator Cardin’s offices. Members were met with support from their representatives, and were further reminded that it is crucial for citizens to be involved with their local governments. Representatives from Senator Cardin’s office left members with an ask: to keep broadening and building the coalition of justice and faith.

On behalf of the St. Ignatius Catholic Community, members also asked the Senators for advocacy and support on police reform and just policing policies.  In early June, Senator Cardin, an original cosponsor of the Justice in Policing Act and lead sponsor of the End Racial and Religious Profiling Act (S. 2355) and Law Enforcement Trust and Integrity Act (S. 3063), called on Republicans to join Democrats in finally passing comprehensive criminal justice reform legislation.

To get involved with the Ignatian Solidarity Network, you can register for the annual Ignatian Teach-In for Justice– held virtually this year. Contact Candra Healy at [email protected] for more registration details.

Please visit our individual committee pages, found here, to learn more about the Justice & Peace Committee.

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The global pandemic calls us to both welcome and protect one  another. As the virus has traveled across borders, it has shown us how  interdependent we are, and that we cannot live as nations, races, or  people independent of one another – we are in this together. But new  and existing policies in the United States deny asylum seekers both  welcome and protection, putting those who have been forcibly  displaced in danger.

Ahead of World Refugee Day join us on Thursday, June 18 at 2PM ET, as  experts discuss the current situation on the US-Mexico Border, the  impact of these policies on asylum seekers in Mexico, and what we can  do to ensure our system of asylum stays intact even during a global  pandemic.

We will stream the event live on our ​Facebook Page​ and ​Youtube​.

Learn more about US asylum policy and how it impacts on the lives of  those seeking refuge in our new report, ​Stranded: the Impact of US  Policy on Asylum Seekers​.

RSVP ​here​.

2nd International Food, Crafts & Art Fair

– November 24, 2019

St. Ignatius Catholic Community in Baltimore is blessed to encounter a rich diversity of cuisine, crafts and artwork through it parishioners and friends.  READ MORE

Separated Children at the Border

– September 6, 2019

Nearly forty people packed the seats of Ignatian Hall on Sunday, September 22nd for a documentary screening and panel discussion event hosted by the Immigration Subcommittee of the St. Ignatius Justice and Peace Committee.

The Immigration Subcommittee partnered with the Esperanza Center, a local comprehensive immigrant resource center located in Fells Point, as part of their “Life Across Borders” immigration film series to present the screening of the PBS Frontline documentary “Separated: Children at the Border.” READ MORE


Details, facts and articles regarding our Family Mentoring Program.


Things you can do right now that will make a difference.


Details on upcoming events presented by the Immigration Subcommittee.


Visit events presented by the Immigration Subcommittee in the past.


A collection of articles including immigration myths & human rights facts.


A list of external partners and references committed to immigration needs.





– Parish: ‘the thought’

We were initially moved to write this opinion piece while our country was in the midst of the longest partial government shutdown. While a second shutdown has been averted, we are distressed over the declaration of a national emergency to circumvent the will of the people. The shutdown directly inflicted pain upon federal workers and contractors, and we recognize the trauma that the working class, working poor, and those living in poverty faced due to reduced access to many services. Now with the national emergency declaration billions of dollars will be diverted from departments and agencies that they were appropriated to. All of this is troubling for us because we hold that the border wall is an ineffective, simplistic solution to a manufactured crisis that would cause more harm than well-being. READ MORE

A Message To My Friends About Immigration – From PBS

Ignatian Solidarity Network Strongly Condemns Termination of Temporary Protected Status for Honduras

The Ignatian Solidarity Network strongly condemns the Trump administration’s decision to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Honduras in January 2020. TPS protects individuals and families who would otherwise be in harm’s way in their countries of origin, which are recovering from catastrophic events such as natural disaster, war, famine, or disease. As people of faith, we believe in the dignity of human life and denounce a decision to return people to conditions where their lives will be immediately put in danger.  READ MORE

– Ignatian Solidarity Network

Baltimore, MD, 16 January, 2018 – St. Ignatius Parish in Baltimore, MD has taken many actions to respond to Pope Francis’s call to welcome, protect, promote, and integrate refugees and migrants. Here are six of them they’ve shared…READ MORE

– Jesuit Relief Service

We are proud to announce that the Runners for Others: An Ignatian 5K will present the 2018 “Beyond the Finish Line” Award to Vonetta Edwards, PhD!! This annual award celebrates Ignatian service and commitment to others by honoring an individual possessing the vision, courage, humility and stamina to make great things happen. READ MORE

– “Runners for Others”:  Ignatian 5 K Run