World Day of Migrants Presentation

The Immigration subcommittee of the Justice & Peace Committee consists of a passionate cohort of parishioners and volunteers compelled to answer Pope Francis’ call to encounter and walk with migrants and refugees in support and solidarity. The Immigration subcommittee’s focus is to have parishioners encounter and accompany immigrants and refugees by offering varying community opportunities such as family mentoring, refugee resettlement, advocacy days, online educational workshops, call to action initiatives, blogging, etc. Throughout the year, the Immigration subcommittee also helps parishioners reach out to their legislators on issues relating to immigration reform. You are invited to view and listen to the presentation, World Day of Immigrants and Refugees, Discussion and Prayer below.

Download the Presentation:

How To Support Afghan Families – A Letter from the Immigration Subcommittee

The decision to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan has raised concerns about the human rights and safety of women and girls, as well as the safe migration of Afghan allies out of the country.The consequences of the withdrawal have hit close to our St. Ignatius community. One of our parishioners is currently processing refugees from Afghanistan and calls what she is seeing heartbreaking. Additionally, some members of the refugee family our immigration subcommittee mentored a few years ago were visiting family in Afghanistan when the Taliban came to power and, after a long ordeal, were able to fly to Germany on their way home to Baltimore.
While we hope to have a coordinated parish wide response to this crisis, let us begin on an individual level. So please make a donation to organizations like the JRS and/or sign their petition to ask Congress and the Biden Administration to provide immediate safety and humanitarian protection for the Afghan people.
World Relief, a major group involved in resettling refugees also has their Afghan giving page.
The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services also provides a list of possible ways to help, including how to volunteer to assist refugees who are re-settling in the DMV area.
Here is also a link to Women for Women, an organization that supports women survivors of war and conflict, for those who wish to learn more, donate, and/or to sign on their petition to President Biden to support and protect women in Afghanistan.
Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look at these resources! Please assist as much as you can!!
Blessings,Vonetta and Isabelle