Dear Marylander:

We are entreating you to help us pass The TRUST Act in Annapolis THIS YEAR!

It will be debated in the Senate committee on January 27th. It has previously passed in the House and was on the Senate hearing calendar last year before the session ended early due to COVID. We need to make sure that it is HEARD and PASSED out of the House and Senate committees as quickly as possible. 

There are a few legislators that we are focusing on since their decisions directly affect the progression of the bill. Please reach out to them even if you are not their constituent and please reach out to your specific representatives even if they are not ‘focused’ on. With the focus appropriately on COVID, we are asking our legislature to not sideline this important immigrant based bill and have it languish and fall between the cracks this session. 

The TRUST Act:

Immigrant communities in Maryland are increasingly threatened by unjust federal immigration policies. The 287(g) program authorizes state and local law enforcement officers to help enforce federal immigration laws, with minimum training and oversight. This program has led to countless stories of racial profiling and abusive police practices targeting immigrants. The Trust Act would:

  • End police cooperation with ICE, including 287(g) programs;
  • Stop law enforcement from notifying ICE and detaining and transferring people for ICE;
  • Protect immigrants from ICE in sensitive locations, including schools, courthouses, and hospitals; and
  • Ensure that immigrants can safely interact with police without fear of harassment.

Maryland must pass the Trust Act and send a clear message that immigrants are safe here.


We are asking you to contact your representatives who will be integral in getting this piece of legislature through this year. By either calling or emailing their offices to have your voice heard. Again please contact them even if you are not their district constituent letting them know you are a concerned Marylander:

  • President of the Senate Bill Ferguson, D46 (Baltimore City) 410-841-3600
    • Has said before that he wants veto-proof majority before bringing the bill to the floor for a vote; We need to pressure him to pass it when it reaches the floor
  • Delegate Luke Clippinger, D46 (Baltimore City) 410-841-3303
    • Chair of the House Judiciary Committee that all law enforcement bills pass through; prosecutor
    • Trust has passed the House in the past; Clippinger needs to get the bill on the hearing calendar and pass it out of committee ASAP
  • Senator Will Smith, D20 (Montgomery County): 410-841-3634
    • Chair of the Judicial Proceedings Committee (JPR) that all law enforcement bills pass through
    • Lead sponsor of the Trust Act in the Senate
  • Speaker of the House Adrienne Jones, D10 (Baltimore County) 410-841-3077
    • First Black Speaker of the House, will be sponsoring a package of police reform bills, can be persuaded that this also is an important police-related bill that targets Black and Brown Marylanders
  • Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary, D13 (Howard County) 410-841-3471
    • Vice Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, supports many immigrants’ rights bills
    • Can persuade Clippinger to pass it out of committee ASAP

You can find your specific delegation here:
Find your state legislators and their contact info (put in address and look for state  senator and state delegate(s) here: Who Are Your Elected Officials? 

Please find attached some Key Talking points that can guide your conversation.

Please also find attached a sample email for your convenience .


If you are interested in giving written testimonial on this bill please submit it online on March 1st between 10 am and 3pm. The House is hearing the bill on March 3rd. If you plan to submit testimony on your own, you must create a “MY MGA” account on the website, by going to and clicking the “MY MGA” logo in the upper right corner. 

Tips for Testimony

  • Clearly state at the top of the page the bill number, name of the committee, date of the hearing, and your position (“SUPPORT” or “FAVORABLE”).
  • Try to keep it to one page.
  • Make it personal. You are not expected to be an expert, but please share from your personal experience and values why this issue is important to you.
  • Just as an example for formatting, attached is a testimonial from fellow parishioner Joseph Spielberger for the Trust Act. Obviously the content of yours will be different (but feel free to pull info if it’s helpful).
  • Please contact Joe at if you have trouble uploading your testimony.