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Rather than focus on why people don’t support a stronger relationship with God’s earth. The Environmental Justice Subcommittee works to examine and explain what can motivate individuals and groups to improve the condition of the environment through direct action and advocacy in support of nature. READ MORE

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Len Heckwolf
Environmental Justice Subcommittee Chair
[email protected]

Justice & Peace Meetings

The Justice & Peace Committee generally meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6 PM. Click here for compete information.

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At St. Ignatius Catholic Church, we believe Voting is An Act of Love.
This election season, we are teaming up with the Ignatian Solidarity Network,
and When We All Vote, a non-profit, non-partisan organization on a
mission to increase participation in every election and
close the race and age voting gap.

Your vote is your voice.

Take the following steps to be an active participant
in making your voice heard:

Will you join us?

From October 19th-26th, virtually join thousands of passionate individuals from across the country and beyond to learn, reflect, pray, connect, and advocate in the context of social justice and solidarity. St. Ignatius Catholic Community has 20 tickets available for parishioners. These spots are first come, first serve.

To sign up, contact Candra Healy with your name and phone number, at [email protected] with the subject line “IFTJ”.

2020 Speakers:

Walking the Walk: Parishioners & Friends Leading by Example

Five Miles To Mass

by Len Heckwolf
Environmental Justice Subcommittee Chair
Member, Pastoral Council

Periodically, the St. Ignatius Justice and Peace Environmental Justice Subcommittee will feature parishioners inspiring others with their commitment to our common home. This week we feature parishioner, Kate Haser.

Each weekday morning, Kate walks more than two and a half miles from her home in Wyman Park to Mass at St. Ignatius. Kate has attended morning Mass every day since her youth. For Kate, “I go to Mass like I breathe”. Kate has been a parishioner at St. Ignatius since 2001.

Kate’s five-mile daily walk to attend Mass is a spiritual exercise, but one that also has significant health and environmental benefits – “By 9:00, I’ve gone to Mass and walked five miles!” What’s more, Kate’s walk avoids more than 1,400 pounds of CO2 pollution a year.

Kate’s spiritual and environmental commitment has also had a positive impact on the neighborhoods through which she walks — she has developed a network of friendly people along her route. There’s the man who lives in Remington who told her she was his inspiration to start walking every day; a homeless gentleman near Charles and Chase Streets who shouts “hello Miss Lady” to her every morning, and a man who always wears an Oriole hat that Kate affectionately calls Mr. Baltimore. Some mornings she meets Father Jim on his morning walk.

Thank you, Kate, for inspiring us to think about how we can grow in our spiritual lives through continued engagement with our community and environment.

Electric Personalities

by Len Heckwolf
Environmental Justice Subcommittee Chair
Member, Pastoral Council

Periodically, the St. Ignatius Justice and Peace Environmental Justice Subcommittee will feature parishioners inspiring others with their commitment to our common home. This week we feature Tracie Allen.

Tracie Allen has worked at St. Ignatius for over ten years, but lately there is something new and exciting on her daily commute! Driving 17 miles each day from Glen Burnie, Tracie doesn’t create any harmful emissions or greenhouse gases. Her new all-electric Nissan Leaf can make the trip with zero carbon emissions and, with its range of 240 miles, Tracie can drive all week without needing to recharge her batteries. By doing this, nine tons of harmful carbon and other pollutants are not released into the skies over Baltimore each year.

Tracie believes each of us should do our part wherever possible to improve the environment. She is a living example of Pope Francis’ appeal in Laudato Si that each of us “…shift to a more sustainable approach… my thanks go to all who are already working on this.”

With her husband Carson, the couple is also installing a solar system to power their home and provide electricity for their Nissan Leaf. Thank you, Tracie, for walking the walk!


Tree Planting

Each month the Environmental Justice Subcomittee will work on tree planting projects throughout the City. These efforts assist neighborhoods in imoproving their appearance and environmental footprint. See past event flyer



The Environmental Justice Subcomittee is working on elliminating all paper waste from the parish by implementing a program to introduce compostable paper cups, plates, and utensils to all parish functions.


Neighborhood Clean-ups

Sign up for a cleanup of the Jonestown neighborhood on Saturday, June 16th
– (details coming).


The Green Library

We are building a library of environmentally focused books and publications in the back of Ignatian Hall – check it out

Past Projects

earth day

Earth Day 2019

The Environmental Justice Subcommittee coordinated the April 27th and April 28th events which featured liturgy on our relationship with God’s earth, healthy foods and fellowship, and many other environmental focuses and videos. Click here to see e-zine and event communications.


Laudato Si Reading Group

Over 30 parish members participated in reading Laudato Si over three weeks of meetings and discussions. To view event flyer, click here.


Druid Heights Neighborhood Tree Planting

St Ignatius assisted Blue Water Baltimore in planting a dozen trees in Druid Heights on April 18th. The event was the first of what will become our tree-planting program. Click here to see event announcement.


A compiled list of home energy tips – all of which you can do right now!


Check out our online Green Library and our Green Lending Library in Ignatian Hall.


Those within the Maryland area with whom we serve, partner, and collaborate.


Details on upcoming events sponsored by the Green Team Subcommittee