Economic Justice Subcommittee

Articulate, Advocate, and Act

We are dedicated to work to bring the Church’s social teaching on worker justice and the economy to fruition. Working as an arm of the Justice & Peace Committee of our St. Ignatius Catholic Community, we are called and challenged to articulate, advocate and act upon critical economic issues that affect our neighbors, families, and communities across our city, and our world. We are also called to be a resource to provide parishioners with opportunities to live out their faith through working for economic justice. As such we:

  • Advocate for workers to receive fair wages for their labor, including support for the “Fight For $15 and a Union” campaign at the local and national level
  • Mobilize fellow parishioners around issues of economic justice
  • Advocate for elimination of disparities of opportunity for students and workers based on race, ethnicity, gender or income
  • Engage with our community about the need for affordable housing.
  • Work to eliminate health care disparities based on race, income, gender, or geography.
  • Support workers right to organize into unions of their own choosing.
  • Persuade legislators to pass “Right to Recall” legislation in Baltimore, so hospitality workers can return to family-supporting jobs
  • Advocate for passage of “Time to Care” legislation in Annapolis, allowing workers to maintain a sustainable level of income while they are sick or caring for a family member.

One of our goals is to deepen our understanding of the principles of Catholic social teaching and then, through word and action, integrate these principles more fully into the life of our parish community.

Justice & Peace Meetings

The Justice & Peace Committee generally meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6 PM.


Terry Cavanagh
Economic Justice Subcommittee Chair

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As the Justice & Peace Committee of the St. Ignatius Catholic Community, we wanted to provide resources for social justice education and action during social distancing. Although we can not come together to meet, our communities can take individual action through online education. We can take this time to dive into social justice issues that tug at our hearts and minds, and come out of this quarantine period ready to work together, renewed, for peace and justice.



 Worker-led ‘Make Amazon Pay’ campaign calls on company to protect workers, pay taxes, and improve sustainability

 During this Advent and Christmas season, we remember those who labor, and continue to advocate alongside them for justice.

Study: Maryland’s small businesses are faring better than those in most states

“The WalletHub study found that Maryland ranked 40th among 51 jurisdictions in terms of small businesses most affected due to the virus.” Read more about Maryland’s local economy here.

 2020 election sees highest voter turnout in a century

More Americans cast ballots this year than they have in a century — and all the votes aren’t even counted yet.


Current Projects & Events

Protecting Maryland’s Workers from COVID and its Consequences

Protecting Maryland’s Workers from COVID and its Consequences

As we have been seeing, thousands of Maryland workers are suffering unemployment due to the pandemic, while thousands of other essential workers continue to serve us at risk of infection. Please join us for a short Zoom meeting on Tuesday 1/26 at 6:30pm for an update on both these bills and to strategize how to make our voices heard for worker justice in Annapolis.

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Bunting Peace and Justice Speaker Series – Carolyn Forché

Voice of Witness: An Evening with Carolyn Forché October 7, 2021, 6 p.m., Loyola university, MD, 4th Floor Program Room Renowned as a “poet of witness,” Carolyn Forché is the author of five books of poetry, including Gathering The Tribes (Yale University Press,...

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Bunting Peace and Justice Speaker Series – Doug Tallamy

Douglas Tallamy, "Nature's Best Hope" October 7, 2021, 6 p.m., Loyola university, MD, 4th Floor Program Room Doug Tallamy is the T. A. Baker Professor of Agriculture in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware. He is the author...

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Media Watch

Press Release From the Justice & Peace Committee

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, November 1, 2021 CONTACT: Candra Healy | St. Ignatius Justice and Peace Committee Chair ( – – – – – – MEET YOUR CANDIDATES FOR MARYLAND GOVERNOR Justice and Peace Committee of St. Ignatius...

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Druid Hill Farmers Market

The Druid Hill Farmers Market continues working to bring you local farm-fresh fruits, and vegetables. We’d love it if you joined us in supporting our local farmers by attending our October market! Location: 3100 Swann Drive, Baltimore, MD 21217 Adjacent to the...

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