“Discrimination is a Virus We Survived” was the brainchild of the Immigration Subcommittee’s Chair, Vonetta Edwards.

Vonetta wanted to be as comprehensive as possible at including all the groups that are currently being discriminated against while at the same time ensuring that we are intentional about the fact that the ‘people’ included in the various groups may change over time. It would be poignant to include ‘things/events’ that the various groups have ‘survived’. For example: the immigrant image might be of a family from Central America. The ‘we have survived’ should include religious persecution, economic hardships, famines, political persecution, drug cartels and gangs kidnappings/killings etc.

Vonetta also proposed the idea of creating a mask that would aid in telling this story, which ties in the current global pandemic virus, we are all trying to survive.

Working together with Angie Turner, Justice & Peace’s Editorial Coordinator, this project came to life. A series of graphics came together that can be used for reflection pieces, discussions, events, anything related to the topic. These graphics not only envelop the Immigration Subcommittee, but all of the Justice & Peace Committee here at St. Ignatius. A mock-up mask was made as well, which connects the graphics to the real world.