St. Ignatius Pastoral Council Meeting

Monday, December 13, 2021, at 6:30PM

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Present: Father Casciotti, Len Heckwolf, Kate Walsh, Barbara Ipsaro, Ryan Bixler, Toni Moore-Duggan, and Kevin Burdinski.

Opening Prayer

Len opened with prayer.

1.  Pastor’s Report – Father Jim


  • There are 34 responses (two are from the Pastoral Council). The rest of the PC needs to respond and the Finance Council needs to respond.
  • Sometime in January we will print in the ezine all the responses without names. Then we will have a Zoom meeting with people that want to openly discuss the topics.

Christmas Schedule

  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve are all lined up.

Loyola School Update

  • 12/14/2021 is the meeting with CHAP. Our consultant has been talking to the Head of CHAP. We came back with another proposal after originally turned down.
  • If the plans are approved, Father Watters needs to raise $5 million more.

Other Items

  • Income is keeping up with the budget.
  • The Justice and Peace Committee have voiced the need to hire a full-time staff member. Father Casciotti is going to explore the idea of this.
  • Mass attendance has been good.
  • The cards in the pews this week were very helpful. It got a lot of positive feedback.

2. Justice and Peace Update – Joe

– Vonetta talked about the mentoring project with Immigrant Refugee Services. They had planned to help mentor refugees and get them set up with housing, etc. There are a lot of logistics to figure out.

– Discussed how we would handle donations.

– Discussed what events are going on for MLK. The group is planning out a good MLK weekend. Likely a hybrid event with part in-person and virtual.

– There will be a new chair of the Environmental Committee.

3. Pastoral Council Election – Len

Review of nominees and Rationale for appointing all nominees

  • All the nominees received very high praise.
  • They all seemed very qualified and have an excellent background.
  • They will all be wonderful additions to the group.

Change to by-laws

  • Are we going to revise our by-laws for new PC members?
  • In past years we struggled to get enough nominations each year, but this year we received five candidates.
  • We want the people on the PC to bring broad and diverse perspectives.
  • Change the number to members to range between nine and twelve.
  • Everyone who is in does a three-year term. If they take a year off they can be appointed again.
  • The by-law changes were passed by PC

4.  Other

–    Loaves and Fishes (Len): Received a huge response when we asked for additional donations.

–    Once we have the new members, we’ll nominate officers. 

5.  Closing Prayer

Barbara Ipsaro closed with prayer.

6. Upcoming Meetings

Monday, January 10, 2022, at 6:30pm is the next meeting.

  • Make schedule for the year and elect new officers on that date.
  • We’ll do the in-person dinner this evening as well (this was currently postponed due to COVID).