Christmas Flower Fund

Would you like to donate to beautify the church for the Christmas Season?

It’s time to get ready to deck the halls! Every Christmas season St. Ignatius Church decorates the church and altars as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Our already beautiful church turns glorious!

This year is particularly difficult and suppliers are asking us to order Christmas Altar Flowers Early (Due to supply chain issues, our poinsettia supplier has asked that we order Christmas Altar flowers by early November.)

Please consider contributing to the Christmas Flower Fund to help beautify the church by doing one of the following:

Contribute online via Faith Direct
To do so click here and select make a “Make a One-Time Gift.” You may designate your donation (where it says NOTE) for “Christmas Flower Fund.” If you wish to put it in memory or honor of a person, place their name their too.

Contribute via Christmas Flower Envelopes
We have placed Christmas Flower envelopes in the Narthex. You can simply pick one up, place a check or cash in the envelope, place it in the offering basket, give it to an usher, or drop it by the church offices.


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As a Jesuit parish, we believe we are called to explore, discover, respect, protect, and enhance whatever is humane and graced in every person, and in every culture.