Christina deGraft-Johnson

Tell us about yourself, your background, and why you are interested in serving.

I was born and raised Catholic in the great country of South Africa. My family moved to the States when I was 8 and my communal Catholic faith faltered for a myriad of reasons. I remain steadfast that even though my faith did not play a large role in my formative years, it was always there, lingering for when I was ready for a warm embrace. Fast forward several years and enter Nicholas – my now almost 5 year old nephew. In the moments of his birth, I felt God’s presence so strongly that finding a communal faith community was of the utmost importance to me. Naturally, as one does, I church hopped looking for a place I could call home and unsurprisingly found that place in the quiet of a Sunday mass at St. Ignatius. While I would say my time as a parishioner has mostly been on the outside of things, I also acknowledge that there’s a lot that I see (and don’t see) that I’d like to share with the parish. What better way to do that, than served on the pastoral council!

I am an avid reader of what I consider fluff novels (they always have a happily ever after), I love to bake (currently looking for a great Mille feuille recipe), and spending time building and sustaining community (read: hanging out with my friends and family). I have an adorable puppy who is sure you’re his best friend and will gladly abscond with you, if I allowed it. Honestly, if there’s anything you get from this about me, it should be that I’m absolutely hysterical. But in all seriousness, life can be really hard but beautiful, and I’m just trying to cultivate more beauty one moment, person, day at a time.

Professionally I work as a Mental Health Therapist specializing in Children, Adolescent, and Young Adult issues. I also have grown quite fond in treating Trauma and Grief. My career ends up being the last thing I mention not because it’s something I don’t take pride in, but because what I value most is community and building relationships which I have found at St. Ignatius and my non-work life.


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