Greetings fellow Parishioners,

As many of you know, the Maryland state legislative session is in full swing with only 5 weeks left. 

The Maryland Catholic Conference has taken a position on a number of life issues this session.  I urge you to visit their site to learn more about these issues and prayerfully consider how to respond.  (Maryland Catholic Conference)

Some of the major issues are the following: 

The Maryland Catholic Conference urges Catholics to oppose: 

 HB0705/SB798 – Putting Abortion Rights in the State Constitution – This bill would provide for a vote in the general election on a proposed amendment to the State constitution that would enshrine abortion in Maryland as a legal right. The amendment would effectively eliminate future legislative debate on abortion. Reasonable people may disagree under what circumstances this procedure should be allowed, but curtailing all future legislative actions on this issue is not justified.  

HB0933/SB845 Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide – Legalizing physician-assisted suicide is contrary to Catholic teaching. Physicians are made partners in the tragedy of suicide.

The Maryland Catholic Conference urges Catholics to support: 

 HB549/SB555 The Fair Wage Act which would speed up implementation of the $15 minimum wage.

HB1191/SB797 Elder Abuse Prevention Bill through creation of a state task force. Combating such abuse often begins with small steps like this one. The data shows that elder abuse is a common, underreported problem.  


St. Ignatius Respect for Life Committee