Dear fellow Catholic concerned about the environment,

We invite you to join us in contacting your Maryland State legislators to urge them to support key environmental bills in 2021 that respond to the call of Pope Francis to care for creation and for the most vulnerable among us. 

You can do so in two ways.  We encourage you to consider doing both.

First, sign the overall petition of support that we are circulating electronically.  By clicking on this link, you will be taken to a form on which you can indicate your support.  Your statement of support will be combined with those of other Catholics and shared with Maryland’s state legislators.  It will also be shared with our Catholic bishops for Maryland to encourage their engagement in advocating for these bills.

Second, send an email directly to your Maryland Senator and Delegates for your Legislative District, supporting these bills.  Instructions for doing so are at the end of this message. 

Here are the 5 key pairs of environmental bills that we are encouraging support for.  They combine provisions on environmental protection, action on climate change, and social justice.

 • HB583 / SB414    Climate Solutions Now Act of 2021: Comprehensively upgrades Maryland’s emissions goals and programs to combat climate change.

    • HB114 / SB199    Transit Safety and Investment Act of 2021:  Increased, stable, and long-term (6 years) funding for public transit in Maryland, addressing unhealthy pollution and transit equity.

    • HB334 / SB137    Zero-Emission Bus Transition Act of 2021: Transitioning Maryland’s publicly owned buses to zero-emission technologies, cleaning city air and reducing CO2 emissions.

    • HB066 / SB148    Coal Community Transition Act of 2021: Phasing out Maryland’s six coal-fired electricity plants (with transition assistance to affected workers and communities).

    • HB082 / SB151    Maryland Environmental Constitutional Amendment: Establishing a clean environment as a fundamental legal right for Maryland’s citizens in our state’s constitution. 

Thanks for your interest in protecting the environment.  Please ask two or three of your friends where you live to contact their Maryland Senator and Delegates, too!

Peace and blessings,

Maryland Catholics for Our Common Home

= = = =


It is very easy to contact the Senator and Delegates for your Maryland Legislative District and ask them to support these key environmental bills this year.  These steps are in addition to signing the overall petition mentioned above.

1.  Go to this link, click on the “Lookup” tab, and enter your street address and zip code.  Then click on the “Find” button.

2.  When you get your list of elected officials, scroll down to see who your Maryland Delegates and Senator are.  Their names will be checked. 

3.  Right above their names will be this line:

  Contact checked Legislators                                          Email

Click on “Email” and then type a short message that will be sent to your Maryland Senator and each of your Maryland Delegates, along the general lines below:

“I am a voter in your District.  I am asking you to support passage of the following key bills to protect our environment: the Climate Solutions Now Act (HB583/SB414), the Transit Safety and Investment Act (HB114/SB199), the Zero-Emission Bus Transition Act (HB334/SB137), the Coal Community Transition Act (HB066/SB148), and the Maryland Environmental Constitutional Amendment (HB082/SB151).  Climate change from carbon pollution is one of the greatest environmental problems we face.  As a person of faith committed to caring for creation, I believe that these bills must pass this year, so we can expand clean energy and clean transportation in Maryland, create good jobs, and do our part to reduce carbon pollution.”

4.  To help us track how much support we are generating through this campaign, please consider copying “” on your email to your Delegates and Senator.