World Refugee Day

The global pandemic calls us to both welcome and protect one  another. As the virus has traveled across borders, it has shown us how  interdependent we are, and that we cannot live as nations, races, or  people independent of one another – we are in this together. But new  and existing policies in the United States deny asylum seekers both  welcome and protection, putting those who have been forcibly  displaced in danger.

Ahead of World Refugee Day join us on Thursday, June 18 at 2PM ET, as  experts discuss the current situation on the US-Mexico Border, the  impact of these policies on asylum seekers in Mexico, and what we can  do to ensure our system of asylum stays intact even during a global  pandemic.

We will stream the event live on our ​Facebook Page​ and ​Youtube​.

Learn more about US asylum policy and how it impacts on the lives of  those seeking refuge in our new report, ​Stranded: the Impact of US  Policy on Asylum Seekers​.